A Great Blog Post Starts With A Great Blog Post Title

A Great Blog Post Needs A Great Blog Post Title
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Your Blog Post Title Is Important To Your Post’s Success.

You’ve heard the expression,“You only get one chance to make a first impression.” It’s true with your blog post too.

If you’re a blogger, like I am, and you’re trying to use your blog to earn an online income, then your posts are the way you attract visitors to your website. It’s those visitors who bring with them the potential income for your online business.

Here at my website, Online Education For Financial Freedom, my goal is to help you, the reader, to learn the tools and principles that will bring you online success.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, like me, it’s imperative that you get people to open your posts and read what you have to say, so they will be able to access your affiliate links to make the purchases that earn you commissions.

Education And Training Are The Keys To Success.

Remember all those years of schooling to learn how to read, write, and do math? We all had to go through them. At the time we suffered through it, but now that life is happening, aren’t we glad that we learned some stuff? At least the basics?

If you want to earn an income by writing, and I mean a significant online income, then learning the ropes in the blogging world is important too.

So, What Makes A Great Post Title?

Imagine that you’ve got a great idea for a blog post, one that you think is sure to get your readers fired up and involved. If your title, which is the first thing that they’ll read, is boring and a turn off, do you think that your post will get the visitors it deserves?


Some potential readers will be lost.

Your title needs to grab their attention.

So, what are the characteristics of a great blog post title? Here are some that I think are important. Check out this post from Unbounce for some ideas with examples.

Copyblogger has what they call the 80/20 rule for blog posts. What the rule states is that for 100 people who access a given blog, 80 will move on after reading the title and will not open the blog, while 20 people will open the article.

Suggestions for effective blog post titles:

  • Not too long. Some have suggested to keep titles under 8 words long. Sometimes that doesn’t give the writer enough works to effectively pique the reader’s interest, but as a general rule shorter is better.
  • Keep titles clear. Don’t be ambiguous or confuse the reader. Be sure the title actually relates to the content of the post.
  • Solve a problem. If your reader is looking for answers, bring them into your post with a title that will show the reader the potential to solve the issue the reader is looking to solve.
  • Use catchy wording. “Secrets of…,” Top 10 reasons…,” and such catch reader’s attention. It catches mine.
  • Create Controversy. People like controversy. Use it to get them to read your blog.
  • Put keywords in your titles. Search engines like keywords, and your posts will rank higher with keywords.

Always be sure that your content backs up what your title promises, or you will lose your readers. They will feel betrayed and leave. It’s important to back up your claims.

It’s also important to provide quality content. You know what I mean. You’ve read some posts that are low quality. Do they inspire confidence?

And, while keywords are important, avoid “keyword stuffing.” Don’t load your post with keywords just for the sake of keywords.

There’s Help If You Want It.

If you want help generating catchy, effective titles for your post, there are several free title generators available online. I found a post that lists the top 12.

Some of the title generators that you may have heard of include:

  • Hubspot
  • Tweak Your Biz
  • Blogabout
  • SumoMe’s Kickass Headline Generator

That’s only 4 of the 12. As you can see, there’s lots of help if you want it.

A Great Title and A Great Post Is The Goal

How do you get there? If you’re inexperienced online, then going from browsing other people’s posts to generating your own is a big step. How do you get there?

My advice is to join Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great way to get started, because you get to sign up for free, and you get to learn the ropes and start your first two websites before you even have to think about moving from the free starter program to the advanced training.

Alas, the advanced training is not free. Nobody’s advanced training is free. The nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you get your first 10 lessons free. That will give you time to get your feet wet and make an informed decision about whether affiliate marketing online entrepreneurship is right for you.

WA is easy to join. Just tap the link, fill out the easy form, and you’re on your way. You don’t have to supply any credit card information at all, just some profile info.

That’s it. You now have access to the 10 free lessons and 2 free websites that WA offers to everyone. There’s no requirement to upgrade, but you can if you want to. My story – I upgraded after about 3 weeks. I saw the value of the training and jumped in.

That was me. You may do the same, or you may decide to go another way. It’s up to you.

Do the 10 free lessons offer anything of value, you might ask. Here’s a screenshot of what they are about.

That’s a lot of training for free, don’t you think? By the end of lesson 5, you will have set up your own professional-looking website, and after lesson 10, you’ll understand how to begin writing quality content for you website.

There’s so much more beyond that, that I believe you’ll want to upgrade, but like I said before, it’s totally up to you.

This post contains affiliate links. The FTC requires affiliate marketers to inform readers that if they tap on an affiliate link they will be taken to a product website, and if a product is purchased, the affiliate will earn a commission.

I hope so. That’s what I’m trying to do. Thanks for reading my post. Feel free to leave me a comment if you’d like.

I’m Grant.

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