The Joy Of Volunteering
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The Joy Of Volunteering! Why I Volunteer!

Do You Like To Volunteer? I don’t. Not really. You might think that to be strange, with the title of this post being The Joy Of Volunteering, Why I Volunteer! It’s true though. Once I do it, I’m always glad that I did, but I don’t like the initial part …

How To Write Freelance For Magazines
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How To Write Freelance For Magazines

Are You Interested In Freelance Writing For Magazines? If you’ve ever been in a waiting room, I’m sure you’ve picked up a magazine to pass the time while waiting for your name to be called. It’s a natural thing to do, and it’s better than staring at the wall. The …

7 ways to make money writing
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7 Proven Ways To Make Money Writing

Have You Been Told You Can Write? Do you enjoy writing, and have people told you that you have a knack for the written word? If so, have you mulled the idea around in your head at times, wondering if there was a way you could make some money with …

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Why Do People Self Sabotage?

Are you like me?  Do you start out with a new project, perhaps a self-improvement project or a new business idea, only to find that as you go along you begin to sabotage yourself?  Do you shoot yourself in the foot just when things begin to roll the way you …

internet business success stories
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Internet Business Success Stories, Eddy with a Y

Another Internet Business Success Story, This Time Eddy S. It’s no surprise to me that there are so many people who are making great money online. I’m not there yet, so I like to research successful people. It gives me motivation to keep at it myself. I like to try …

specialized knowledge brings success
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Removing the Mystery of Online Success

For some, success in the online business world is a mystery. Shopping online is easy. It’s easy to shop online.  Most of us have done it.  In fact, according to a December, 2016 study by the Pew Research Center, nearly 8 in 10 Americans now shop online, or 78%.  That’s …

who is running for president:? how many democrats are too many
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Who Is Running For President? How Many Democrats Is Too Many?

How Many Democrats Are Running For President In 2020? As of this writing, the answer is 24, and 2 Republicans. The Republicans are Donald Trump and Bill Weld. Weld doesn’t have a chance, so I won’t say anything more about him. Here’s the list: This seems to be the election …

What is Affiliate Marketing and does it work for everyone
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What Is Affiliate Marketing And Does It Work For Everyone?

Have You Wondered, What Is Affiliate Marketing And Does It Work? Unless you’re really young and haven’t been online yet, or really old and never got a computer and hooked it up to the internet, chances are that you’ve heard of affiliate marketing. Especially if you’ve looked online for opportunities …

How Can I Afford To Retire?
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Are You At The Point In Your Life Where You Ask Yourself, How Can I Afford To Retire?

What’s Your Life Situation? Are you approaching retirement age? If you are, have you been following a retirement plan that’s in  place and working for you? As you get closer and closer to that magical retirement age, have you asked yourself, “Can I afford to retire now?” For too many …

Side Gig Jobs or Side Hustle Jobs, What's The Difference
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Side Gig Jobs or Side Hustle Jobs, What’s The Difference?

Side Gig Jobs OK, right from the start I’m going to have to admit my age and how behind the times I am. I thought that about the only time the word “gig” applied to work was in the entertainment industry. Like bands and singers having gigs. I’d never really …

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