Can You Make Money Writing Blog Posts? Find Out How

Can You Make Money Writing Blog Posts?
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How Do You Make Money Writing Blog Posts?

There are basically 2 ways to make money writing blog posts, either you write for your own blog or you write for someone else and get paid for your posts.  If you want to freelance, and write for others, you need to be trained by experts in the field, such as a website called AWAI, which stands for American Writers and Artists, Inc.  This site provides training on copywriting.  It’s a bit pricey and has a lot of upsells, but it does provide good training.  I wrote a review on it here.

Another choice that’s a lot less expensive is site called My Freelance Paycheck.  A blogger named Vitaliy wrote a review of it.  You can find it here.

So, if you want to freelance and get paid, I recommend you jump in and get started.  No time like the present, as they say.

I’m not going to spend any more time on the writing for someone else’s gig.  That’s not the direction I went.  I went the “write a blog of my own” route.

If You Have An Established Blog, The Rest Of This Post Is For You.

You new bloggers can stick around and read my post too.  It’ll help in the long run.

Now, I don’t want to pass myself off as an expert.  There are probably thousands of bloggers who have been around the block a lot more times than I have.  Heck, you’ve probably been blogging longer than me.  But the fact that you’re here and reading my blog gives me some hope that I can write something here that even the grizzled old veterans may find useful.

Everybody has to start at the beginning.  Remember your early days, your first few months, your first year as a blogger?  You were learning the ropes.  You made some mistakes, and you learned from them.  That’s been my experience in blogging.

Learning and growing is all part of the art of blogging.  I’m willing to bet that the posts you write today are way better than the posts you wrote when you were just starting out.

Mine have improved tremendously.

I Want To Improve My SEO Ranking.  Don’t You?

If we want to make money writing blog posts, we have to rank high enough on the search engines to be found by people who are searching online.  Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.  Remember those guys?  They pretty much hold my success in their hands.  Google more than the other two.

You can help your rankings a lot by using social media, but you already know that.  I hope you do, anyway, being an established blogger.  I’ve posted about social media.  You can check out those posts here.  And here.  And here.

Enough about social media.

What I want to briefly discuss is a method to improve SEO website rankings.

The reason I targeted established bloggers with this post, those who have been around at least a year, is because of those early posts you wrote way back in the beginning.

Content Is King

Quality, engaging content is the life blood of a blogger.  You know that, and I know that.  Because that’s true, we spend a lot of time writing new posts for our blogs.

We research keywords, we research our topics, and then we use our experience and what we have researched and we write a good, interesting post and publish it on our websites.

We do it all the time.

The more posts we write, the more Google and his buddies like us and the better chance we have at ranking.  After a while, we get pretty good at it.

Don’t Forget To Add Media To Your Posts

By media, I mean pictures and videos.  No one likes to read just words on a page.  Unlock minds that are closed and bored with your words by using graphics.  Adding relevant and illustrative pictures and/or videos greatly enhances what you’re writing about and makes the reader’s experience much more enjoyable.

But, What About Those Early Posts?

Have you been back to your first posts lately to take a look at them?  I’ve started to go back and review mine, and I’ve discovered some things.

I’ve found out that my keywords aren’t that great on my first posts.  What I’ve started to do is re-enter my keywords in Jaaxy, which is the tool I use, to check how those keywords compare with a search.

Weak keywords – Not good.

So I’ve been changing some keywords on my earlier posts.  I’ve found that back in my early days I would just use the keywords that I would use if I was going to search for a post like mine on the internnet.  I thought that pretty much everybody thought like me so they would use my keywords.

Whoops!  My keywords didn’t rank very well.

So I researched related keywords and found some that were better as far as searches, average, and OSR.  I updated my posts with the new keywords.  I think that’s going to help those posts rank better, and that’s going to help my overall website rank better.

I also reviewed my text and updated and improved it.  I brought my old posts up to speed to compare favorably with the kind of content that I’m writing now.

Google Likes That.

I’ve found that it’s more of a challenge to keep writing new content while going back and updating my early posts, but I think in the long run it’s going to pay off big time.

Google is going to see that my site is active, from both ends.  The older posts aren’t fading into history, because I’m giving them new life, and I’m improving their quality and competitiveness at the same time.

You probably already knew that, and you’re probably a step ahead of me, aren’t you?  That’s OK.  There are a few of you bloggers that I’m sure haven’t gone back to look at their old posts too.

I hope this post has helped you with your blogging business.  Thank you for taking the time to read.

Why Do I Blog?

I’ve gone into business for myself as an affiliate marketer, and blogging is the natural platform for that business model.  I’m a member of Wealthy Affiiliate, like a lot of you probably are, and that’s where I get my training.

If you don’t use Wealthy Affiliate, I’d like you to let me know where you get your training.  I know that there are a lot of other training websites out there in the big wide online world.  Let me know what one you use.  I’m genuinely interested.

If you’re new to blogging and want great training, or if you want to find out if there’s more you can learn, you can sign up with Wealthy Affiliate for FREE, and never have to pay a penny unless you decide to enter the premium side where the best training is.

Anyway, all comments are appreciated, and will be responded to.

Disclosure:  The FTC wants us bloggers to inform you readers that if you click on an affiliate link and end up purchasing a product, I will be paid a commission.  My commission is not added to the price of the product.  That’s how affiliate marketing works, so I wouldn’t mind a bit if you clicked on one of my links.

How Can I Improve My SEO Ranking?

Have a great day.

I’m Grant.


Hi Grant and wonderful article about making money writing blog posts! As a author and web designer by profession, my whole life has centered around writing. However, I have never thought about writing for someone else. Being a ghost writer or a freelancer is simple something I have not had the interest to do.

I love your style of writing. It is very appealing and certainly draws your audience in! Your information is very helpful to me. There is always more to learn when you’re a writer. Such as, going back over my earlier posts and improving the content and keywords. I am glad I have visited your site! Continued success to you!

Thanks for your great comment.  I went back over an old post last night and noticed that the entire post was only 188 words.  Way too short.  Way, way too short.  Now everything I write is over 1000 words or I think I haven’t done a good job.

Hi Gjshawk; I have read through your post. And I have found a lot of thoughtful information on making money from a blog.
I blog, as you do. And I do agree that revisiting and editing the eairly written blog is a good idea.

Would you suggest changing the blog title to ensure key word is in place?


I would change the title if your keywords require it.  I’ve done it myself recently.  Thanks for your comment.

I used to write a blog and I cringe to think of how it would fare with SEO. Terribly I’m sure. My new site is just in the beginning stages but I’m happy to learn all the tips I can get right now. I haven’t even gotten to social media yet but I will need to come back and check out your posts on that when I do. Best of success to you!

Thanks, Anna, for reading my post and for commenting. I’m sure you will be successful yourself because you have a great attitude. Good luck to you.  


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