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A Motivational Thought About Website Traffic

Does Your Website Traffic Look Like This? Or Like This? In the beginning, as you build your new website and get started with a new online business, traffic will look like the second picture. That’s to be expected. New sites have to compete with established sites, and new sites are …

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What Are The Best Online Business Opportunities From Home?

Are You Looking For Top Online Business Opportunities That You Can Do From Home? Right now, in the early part of 2020, the world is in crisis from the COVID-19 corona virus. Much of the world has been told to stay home to slow the curve of the spread of …

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The Evolution Of Marketing

Marketing Has Come A Long Way, Baby! When we think about the evolution of marketing, don’t you agree that our perspective depends on our life experience? Younger marketers may start their experience in the current social media and mobile device era, while those of us who are older may remember …

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Lights, Camera, Action!…And Cut!

Video Marketing Statistics 2020 Here’s a fact: Most internet users would prefer to watch a video than read through a commercial. Couple that with the fact that revenue from video marketing is forecast to grow by around 14.6% per year, and you can see that video is the wave of …

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Marketing with Keywords

So, What’s A Keyword? That might sound like a dumb question to anybody who has been online at all, but really most of the online world uses keywords all the time without realizing what they are and how they work.  The fact is, though, that the internet runs on keywords. …

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Impressions and Clicks and Conversions, Oh My!

Remember that song from The Wizard Of Oz? The first one, not the remake. “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” That’s where I got the title for this post. Maybe I’m showing my age and nobody gets it, but that’s what I was thinking of when I wrote it. …

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Affiliate Bootcamp, Learn To Promote Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Offers Two Directions Of Training Here at OEFF (Online Educaton For Financial Freedom) my interest and passion is helping people find ways to learn how to find financial success, even financial freedom, from starting a business online. My purpose is to help you find legitimate programs among all …

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Happy Headlines, Everybody! Happy Content, Too!

Are You Writing Great Blog Titles? After all, the first thing a person browsing or searching the internet sees on a search results page is a headline. Several headlines, actually, for the subject being searched. Is your headline going to be there so people can find your blog and read …

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How To Write For A Blog – 8 Tips For Success

Do You Have A Desire To Become A Blogger? If you have ideas that you want to communicate to others, or want to become an expert in one of your favorite areas and share your expertise online, then writing a blog probably is for you. But, how do you write …

Can You Make Money Writing Blog Posts?
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Can You Make Money Writing Blog Posts? Find Out How

How Do You Make Money Writing Blog Posts? There are basically 2 ways to make money writing blog posts, either you write for your own blog or you write for someone else and get paid for your posts.  If you want to freelance, and write for others, you need to …