Chews-4-Health International Affiliate Program review


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model where the affiliate brings consumers together with sellers of goods that the consumer is looking for.  When the customer makes a purchase, the affiliate is paid a commission. It’s a good online opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish a business and earn a good income.

Many companies now take advantage of the sales opportunities that affiliate marketers bring to their businesses and willingly pay a commission to the affiliate who brings the sales to them.

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing, in that the seller does not have to pay commission until there is a sale.  There are 4 core players in the affiliate marketing industry:

  • The Merchant – business offering products for sale
  • The Network – list of the products offered and methods of tracking and payment
  • The Affiliate – contracted with the merchant to bring in sales
  • The Customer – person or entity that purchases products through the affiliate

This review is for the affiliate program offered by Chews-4-Health International.

The company:  Chews-4-Health International 

Products:  Top quality, all-natural chewable nutritional supplements

Established:  2008

Product pricing:  $29.95 per month’s supply, reduced under a VIP program to $14.95 per month’s supply.  The VIP program is similar to Sam’s Club or Costco.  Customers pay an annual fee of $59.95 and can purchase products at the reduced price for a year.


The Affiliate Program

The nutrition market is a multibillion dollar industry.  Chews-4-Health International offers first-to-market nutritional products, which means little or no competition.

Typical affiliate marketing programs pay commissions on products purchased. In addition to this traditional method of compensating affiliates, this company offers various ways to earn commissions and bonuses.

The company has a 2-tier affiliate commission structure and pays commissions in the following manner:

25% commissions on product sales

1st tier – 15%          2nd tier – 10%

15% large retail commissions (for affiliates who sign large chain stores to a product contract)

1st tier – 10%          2nd tier – 5%

10% Profit Sharing

Chews-4-Health International is the first company in history to offer a profit sharing program to affiliates from all sales in major retail outlets worldwide, a perk no Fortune 500 company offers their affiliates.

The Royalty Rewards program:

Under this program, all affiliates are eligible to earn a per unit royalty (box or bottle) on every product sold through their organization (affiliates signed up by you), up to $2.50 per box or bottle.  Affiliates can also earn a:

  • Caribbean cruise
  • $750/month car bonus
  • Rolex watch

The 2-tier Royalty Rewards program works as follows:

Bronze Award – Achieve 500 unit sales in lifetime sales, with at least 250 units on tier 1.  Award:  50 cents per unit sold – that’s a $250 cash bonus.

Silver Award – Achieve 1000 unit sales in lifetime sales, with at least 500 units on tier 1.  Award:  75 cents per unit sold – a $500 cash bonus.

Gold Award – Achieve 1000 unit sales in one month on 2 tiers with at least 350 units on tier 1.  Award:  $1.00 royalty per unit sold – a $1000.00 cash bonus

Platinum Award – Achieve 2,500 unit sales in one month on 2 tiers with at least 750 units on tier 1.  Award:  $1,500 cash bonus plus  a Caribbean cruise for 2.  That’s equivalent to $2.00 royalty reward per unit sold and for every month you do the same you will receive a $550 car bonus!

Double Platinum Award – Achieve 5,000 unit sales in one month on 2 tiers with at least 1,250 units on tier 1.  Award:  $2,500 cash bonus plus a Rolex Watch.  That is equivalent to $2.50 in royalty rewards per unit sold for every month you do the same and for every month you do it you  will receive a %750 car bonus.

My affiliate experience with this company

I started out as a customer of the Chews-4-Health product.  I don’t remember how I came across it, but I tried the nutritional chewable tablet and I liked it, and I felt like it improved my health and kept me from getting the nuisance colds and such that most of us are so susceptible to.

While I was on the main web page, I clicked on the Affiliate Program to see what it was.  I knew nothing about affiliate marketing at the time but since it was free to sign up as an affiliate, and since the company paid commissions on products purchased for personal use, I decided to do it to receive commissions on the products I purchased.   I thought of it as a discount on my purchases.  I also signed up for the VIP program, and while this reduced my commissions, it also reduced my product cost.

When you sign up as an affiliate, you receive a website that is identical to the company’s website but is linked to your affiliate code.  You can tell when you are on your affiliate site when you look at the bottom of the page and see “Affiliate Name: (your name) Proud affiliate of Chews-4-Health International”  Other than that the sites are identical, and your site is fully functional for sales and info.

To access your Affiliate Panel click on the ABOUT button in the top menu bar and select BECOME AND AFFILIATE  on the drop-down menu.  When the page comes up click on the “Become and Affiliate” button in the box on the right.  You can then sign in to your Affiliate Panel.  Once signed in, your user name and password are remembered and you will not have to sign in again to use your panel.

Well, the company paid me commissions on schedule for my purchases for a couple of years.  They never pushed me to sell more, never were late, and did what they said they would do.  I did not try to sell to anyone else and did not try to sign up sub-affiliates.  That’s the tier 2 mentioned above.  Their payment schedule was to pay once $25 in commissions was reached.  The vehicle for payment is PayPal.

Last year the payment schedule changed and payment is made once $100 in commissions is reached.  Commissions accumulate in your account until that time.

They have a good Affiliate Marketing Program (AMP) Panel for each affiliate, with access to web banners, campaigns,  sales tracking, sub-affiliate tracking, and much more.  There are three or four training videos and marketing tips and hints to help affiliates succeed.

Now that I have gotten more serious about affiliate marketing and joined Wealthy Affiliate, one of my two websites promotes the products and affiliate opportunity for Chews-4-Health International.  It was the first affiliate program I signed up for, and for me it is a no-hassle opportunity to earn income.  I haven’t signed up with other affiliate programs yet, but will soon and I hope that when I do they will be as well-run and easy to use at this program is.

If your are an affiliate marketer, you can sign up as an affiliate with this company by clicking on the following banner.
Earn Commissions with Chews-4-Health International
Earn Commissions. Zero Hassle.

I’d appreciate your feedback.  Please leave a comment below.



Interesting program and you are pretty detailed about it but, truthfully I’ve never heard of it, are they like chewable vitamins? or for something else? as far as your article I think it’s pretty good.

Thanks for the comment, Will. They are more than vitamins, because they have a lot of minerals and antioxidants and such. Pretty healthy stuff. The affiliate program is good too. No hassle, pretty good commissions.


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