I googled “online business opportunities” and looked at the Business News Daily website.  They had posted a list of “15 online businesses that you can start tomorrow.”  Here’s some of their list.  You can check out their site if you want to see more.

SEO Consultant

What does a SEO consultant do?  How do you become one?  Here’s my problem with this one.  Search Engine Optimization is pretty fuzzy for most of us.  What’s a search engine?  The average net surfer knows how to type in some keywords (although I’d wager that most don’t know that they are keywords) and hit search, then browse the list that pops up on the screen.  How they got there and in the order that they appear never crosses his or her mind.  Hence the business opportunity for the professional who knows how to do it.  The rest of us normals had better look for something else. You will need a website, but no sweat for these guys. I also think that this opportunity is going away as people learn that there is a website called Wealthy Affiliate that offers up-to-date SEO training and costs nothing to join.  Find out more about it here.

Business Coaching

The description for this opportunity starts like this:  “If you possess a great deal of business experience and knowledge…”  Some of us might be able to start this business, most of us not so much. I think that if I had a great deal of business experience I would want to start an online business, coaching or whatever.  The problem I see is that owning or working in a brick and mortar business is not the same as working online.  The experienced businessman would need to hire that SEO Consultant to get him set up.  This is another “opportunity” for people with specialized knowledge.  You still need a website.

Specialized Retailer

This is another name for a specialty e-commerce store online.  According to the description, “All you need is a web-hosting source with an integrated shopping cart or e-commerce software, and your business will be operational in no time.”  Haven’t most of us dreamed of selling our handmade products online?  That’s why eBay is so successful.  It offers people a chance to sell stuff online.  I have heard of people who go to garage sales to find items to re-sell on eBay, and who are successful at it.  That’s one way.  Another is to open your own store on the internet.  Do you know how to build a website for your business?  Do you know how to optimize it and make it ready for customers to purchase from?  Of course, you will need to hire that SEO Consultant so your website doesn’t stay buried on page 47 of the listings.  You will need a website for your store.  And you will need a product or products in stock that you will ship to your customers, unless you find companies that will drop ship products for you.  I have found that if you have a niche or a passion, Wealthy Affiliate can help you reach your goals, and as I said before, it’s free to sign up.

Create your own website.  It’s free.

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Social Media Consultant

Facebook.  Twitter.  Instagram.  Google Plus.  Linkedin.  These are just some of the social media sites out there.  Large businesses are beginning to realize that they can increase their customer base, and therefore their sales, by becoming active on social media.  Many of the larger companies have their own social media employees to keep the company up to date on Facebook and Twitter.  Many small business owners are usually too busy or don’t know much about the ins and outs of social media.  As a consultant you can help these small businesses run their Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts.  Again, you will probably need a website.

Affiliate Marketing

This opportunity was listed in the lower half of the Business News Daily list.  Personally, I think it should have been #1.  What is an affiliate?  An affiliate is a person that makes an agreement with a business to bring them sales.  The affiliate then is paid a commission.  Large companies use affiliates as an additional way to market their products, and when a sale is made, the affiliate earns a commission on the sale.  Many large companies have affiliate programs, and it is usually free to sign up as an affiliate, although some companies have certain requirements that they look for before they agree to sign you up, such as a track record of success.  This can make it difficult for someone starting out with some companies, but there are plenty of companies willing to sign up pretty much anyone.  It doesn’t cost them anything to do so, and any sales brought in is always a plus to their bottom line.  You can then market that company’s products.  You don’t have to stock any products, and you can be an affiliate for as many companies as you want to sign up with.  The orders you generate go directly to the business, who ships the product to the customer. Complete training on affiliate marketing can be found on the Wealthy Affiliate website.  Get started today by clicking on the above banner.