, Is It A Good Idea?

Click2Sell, Is It A Good Idea?

HI, I’m Grant

I’m an online blogger and I’ve been doing it for two years now, so while I’m not a grizzled veteran, I’m not exactly brand new either. My experience tells me that now that my rookie year is behind me, and I’m entering year three, I know the ropes and can give you quality opinions that can help you make informed choices about online opportunities.

In this post, I’m going to discuss a website called, and give you some information about it that will hopefully help you make an informed decision about whether you should look further into it.

What Is Click2Sell?

I went to their website, and to me their information was a little vague. They call themselves an “advertising technology company” located in London, UK. Their website is basically a landing page that wants you to choose the “Get Started” button to get specific information. Lots of websites operate that way, and it’s legitimate.

Their page claims to offer a self-service marketing platform that just about anyone can use to easily run a marketing campaign.

They say that their platform is so powerful that it can be used by anyone, no experience necessary and no technical knowledge required.

That doesn’t say a lot, but I’ll explain better how it works in a moment. But first,

What Does It Cost?

Click2Sell offers two packages on their home page.

  • The Silver package, that costs $250 up to $1,499
  • The Gold package, that costs $1,500 to $5,000

From my research of other websites that have reviewed Click2Sell, there are apparently even higher priced packages, but they aren’t advertised on their main page.

How Does It Work?

They don’t say much about the nuts and bolts of how it works on their site, unless you sign up.

Basically, though, the concept is that you generate marketing campaigns using their graphics and banners or your own, and they place those advertising banners on different websites around the internet. When people click on one of your banners you can earn a commission, and when a customer purchases a product from one of your banners you earn a heftier commission.

A banner is the internet version of the good old sign.

Banner advertising is used all over the internet, and most of us are familiar with seeing banner ads when we access a website. I’m sure that they work, or we wouldn’t keep seeing them everywhere.

I have a concern about Click2Sell though. They say that no experience is necessary, but I’m not so sure.

Do you think that you can generate a successful marketing campaign on your first try? Are you willing to risk your hard-earned money to find out?

I think that Click2Sell offers a legitimate opportunity for EXPERIENCED marketers to run successful campaigns, I’m not so sure about that “no experience necessary” part.

To be honest, I haven’t ever run a banner campaign, and the possibility of losing money before I make money makes me nervous.

Here’s What Happens.

After you sign up and give them your money for whichever package you want. You can then create a campaign. You can choose what you want to market from a list of categories that you like, from Arts and Architecture to Sports, Games, and such. If you have a product then you choose the category that most closely fits.

From my research I learned that there are major companies that offer products for you to market in  your Click2Sell campaigns.

Then you choose a slogan from the list they provide. A banner is generated and it is placed in websites around the internet. The number of websites that get your banner depends on which package you purchased. The more expensive the package, the more websites that will get your banner.

Remember when I said that I believe experienced marketers are the ones who should benefit from Click2Sell?  Here’s why.  I came across an actual user of the platform who said “If you don’t want to spend a lot of money from the beginning, opt for the beginner package which costs $250, it should last for at least two weeks.”

It looks like that if you don’t make your money back in those two weeks, then you have to invest more to continue. If you are experienced, you probably aren’t scared off by that, because you’ve already learned the ropes, what works and what doesn’t, so you can feel confident in your chances of success.

Not me, though. I’ve never run a banner ad campaign, and I certainly don’t want to toss $250 into the pot to see if I can make it work.

Even though Click2Sell says that no experience is necessary, I can’t recommend it for beginners, unless you can afford to lose some money in the beginning.

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That’s Why I Blog.

I can earn money blogging without having to invest $250 every two weeks. In fact, I started for FREE!

There are lots of training platforms out there who want to teach you how to earn big money blogging, and a lot of them are legitimate and know what they’re talking about.

I know of only one that lets you sign up and get started for FREE. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s my #1 choice for learning the “ins and outs” of running a successful online business.

Their focus is affiliate marketing, which is a business model where you, the blogger, contract with legitimate businesses to market their products on your blog, and when one of your readers makes a purchase through your blog, you earn a commission.

For example, I have an affiliate relationship with Wealthy Affiliate, and if you as someone who reads this post decides to sign up, you would be my referral. I would not get a commission from you becoming my referral, unless you eventually decided that affiliate marketing is for you and you sign up for advanced training, which goes beyond the free starter training.

When you decide to upgrade and start the premium training, I would then earn a commission. That may never happen though, because although Wealthy Affiliate offers you the premium upgrade, you don’t ever have to take it. You can stay in the starter program for as long as you want.

Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme.

You won’t find too many legitimate websites that can make you rich quick, unless it’s a lottery site and you win. But if you enjoy writing and aren’t afraid to invest your time and effort, you can earn excellent money with affiliate marketing. Like anything else, like any other business, you have to do the work to make it succeed.

If you’re working for someone else and they pay you what they think you’re worth, why not work for yourself and earn what YOU think you’re worth? You don’t have to quit your day job to start, in fact, keep is as backup until you’re established as a blogger. Then walk in and let your boss know that you are moving on.
You can sign up for Wealthy Affiliate by clicking on the banner. It’s easy, and no credit card is required.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Please leave me a comment below. I’ll respond, I promise.

By the way, the FTC wants me to disclose to you that if you purchase a product through an affiliate link on my blog, I will be paid a commission. That commission in no way changes the advertised price of the product.

I’m Grant

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