Do You Really Want to be Successful?

Can I really be successful
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Have you heard the term “Super Affiliate” before?  A Super Affiliate is someone involved in affiliate marketing who is basically earning an extremely good passive income using the internet to promote products for companies and businesses.  They make enough from affiliate marketing that they don’t have to work a regular job. It’s normal for some super affiliates to make tens of thousands of dollars per month!  They have earned the trust of search engines and companies alike and are giants in affiliate marketing.

Do You Want to Become A Super Affiliate?

Here at Wealthy Affiliate we are learning how to become affiliate marketers. The training is great. Our goal is to achieve financial success.   Is that a goal you’d like to reach too? Is there anyone reading this who doesn’t want to reach financial independence? Raise your hand now.

I don’t see any hands (Not that I could). If you’re like me, your goal it to become a super affiliate, one of those seemingly rare individuals who are millionaires, and have become millionaires through affiliate marketing. Becoming a “hundredaire” or “thousandaire” may be a good thing too, but that’s really not the goal, is it? Those are just stepping stones, but let’s aim higher and go for millionaire. It sounds better. Pays more, too.

Are Super Affiliates Special People?

Are they people who are more talented than us? Do they have special insights that we cannot take advantage of? No. They are just like you and me. So, how come they are super affiliates and we are not?  Here’s a hint.

Have You Heard of Tom Hopkins?

Do You Really Want To Be Successful?

Tom Hopkins started his career in real estate, and failed miserably. In fact, he was earning an average of $42 per month as a real estate agent. He should have quit.  But instead of giving up, he invested his last few dollars in getting proper training in selling real estate.  He took a course.

What was the result? He became a millionaire by the age of 27. He became the top selling real estate agent in the country. That’s awesome! I’m 65 and I’m not a millionaire yet. (In my defense I got a late start.)

So where can I find a training course that will make me a millionaire?

The courseTom Hopkins took didn’t make him a millionaire, what he did afterward is what did.

Right at the beginning of his book “How to Master The Art of Selling,” Tom made an insightful statement. He said, “Selling is the highest paying hard work and the lowest paying easy work there is.” (Probably not an exact quote but pretty close). Think about that one for a minute.

A great many sales jobs are paid by commission, which is as it should be.  That’s what motivates the best among us.  Hard work brings more sales, lazy work fewer sales. It’s not rocket science.

We are affiliate marketers. Marketing and selling are almost the same thing. We get paid by commission too. The same principles apply. We have the training available to become super affiliates and thus millionaires. What’s lacking?

What’s lacking is our COMMITMENT.

Wealthy Affiliate Can Make You A Millionaire!

Where’s that course in affiliate marketing that will make me a millionaire?  Wealthy Affiliate – That’s where!  I think it’s the best affiliate marketing training course on the web!

What kind of a career do you want?  Do you want to work 8 hours a day for someone else, and have 2 days a week off, with your employer deciding how much vacation you can have and when you can have it?  Do you want your employer do decide how much you are worth and pay you nothing more?  That might be fine starting out, but does it let you spread your wings and FLY?  Or does that kind of job hold you down.

Become an affiliate marketer and you decide your hours, and your pay is what you want it to be, decided by your work and time.  You really need to check it out NOW!

Affiliate Marketing Can Be The Best Paying Hard Work Too.

We already know that it’s pretty low paying easy work.

If you (and I) are willing to put in the hard work, we can become millionaires. No doubt about it.

What is the hard work?

It’s creating value for our readers and customers.

It’s dedicating the time needed to blog and continue to blog. Then blog some more.

It’s working on our websites.

It’s helping the Wealthy Affiliate community members to succeed also.

It’s thinking of our customers first, and learning what they want and need, and then helping them to get what they want and need.

Many people here have said DON’T GIVE UP! Not giving up is not enough though.  You have to learn what you need to do, then do it.  Continue to grow and progress with your business.

Wait…what if you’re not an affiliate marketer? What now?

Well, since affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model on the internet, and the potential for a nice large income is there for whoever wants to earn it, maybe you should look into becoming an affiliate marketer yourself. Wouldn’t you like to have your own online business?

If you want to become an online millionaire, you need to get trained. At Wealthy Affiliate you can start for free, then upgrade when you want to reach higher goals. You can sign up for free here. No credit card required.

Commit, and WORK HARD. Whatever you do.

‘Nuff said.

Thanks for reading.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.

I’m Grant.



Hello Gjshawk,

Very true article! I thought about becoming an affiliate marketer, but couldn’t find a legitimate source. Most are claiming methods to get you rich quick and it just sounds too good to be true.

Wealthy affiliate sounds very promising and i will definitely look into it.

I am not expecting immediate results, but I will give it time since it is free to join.


Yeah, Eric, Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a get rich quick scheme.  But, if you are willing to follow the training and put in the effort, you WILL be successful and WILL reach your goals.

I am probably living under a rock as I have never heard of Tom Hopkins.But I got to tell you, it’s a real inspiration to have read his story.

I want to become a super affiliate, and I am willing to put in whatever I have to do.I don’t want to work forever for a boss. I am ready to fly and spread my wings.

I am read to make Wealthy Affiliate work.

Awesome and very inspirational post.
Thank you

Awesome comment, Roopesh.  I too want to become a super affiliate.  I think we both can do it if we are persistent and consistent.  Best of luck to you!


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