Here Are 3 Of The Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Do You Want To Start An Online Business?

A lot of us have wanted to take advantage of the internet as a money making business venture, but either don’t know how to get started, or don’t know what type of business to get into. There are so many options out there that it can be confusing where to start.

Still, the idea of working from home, or from any location where you have an internet connection, on a desktop or laptop, is desirable for many of us.

In this post, I’m going to be talking (writing, really), about one of the easiest businesses to start, and one that has the potential to make you a lot of money with very little monetary investment on your part – affiliate marketing.

What’s Affiliate Marketing, You Ask?

Simply put, affiliate marketing is a business model that connects people who visit your website with the products that they are looking for. You provide a link on your website to the company that makes that product, and when one of your website visitors clicks on that link, they are taken to the company’s website where they can purchase the product.

When they do, you get paid a commission.

You never have to stock products or inventory.

You don’t have to be monitoring your website for customers to buy (passive income for you).

You can advertise as many products as you want.

You can promote products in any niche you want.

Wait A Minute! What’s A Niche, You Ask, again?

I’m glad you asked. A niche is a group of people with like interests. Could be cats, dogs, weight loss, making money online, whatever your interest is.

When you target a niche, you are zeroing in on customers who have the same interests that you have, and that you have built your website around, so when they visit, they are already looking for what you are offering.

Most affiliate marketers use a blog website to promote their niche products. A blog works well, because you are able to gain interest from readers by giving them good, quality information about the products you promote and about your niche in general.

Affiliate marketers have helping people as their main goal. When you focus on helping others, by giving them honest information in your blog posts, you are gaining their trust. People purchase from a site that they trust.

What Are The Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing?

That’s kind of a trick question, because pretty much any niche is good, but there are three that are always popular. Maybe more, but today I’m just going to concentrate on three.

These type of niches are known as “evergreen” niches, because they never lose popularity. There is a lot of competition in evergreen niches, but that’s a good thing.

Competition means that the niche is popular with the buying public, and the opportunity is there to make your share of money. You should never shy away from competition in affiliate marketing. It’s a sign of health for that niche.

So, without further ado, here are my top three niches for affiliate marketers, not necessarily in any order.

#1 Make Money Online

People are always looking for ways to make money online, as evidenced by your reading this post. There are a whole bunch of different ways, and some are better than others. Connecting people with legit business opportunities, and helping them recognize and avoid scams, is what affiliate marketers in this niche do, and is always popular.

There are probably at least as many scams online as there are legitimate business opportunities. In today’s society, so many of us are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme that we easily fall for a scam that promises hundreds or thousands of dollars in the first week, without having to do anything to earn it except to sign up for their program and give them your money.

You can help people recognize and avoid these pitfalls and point them to legitimate money making opportunities.

No one can really get-rich-quick online; it takes time and work to build a business, unless you want to be a scammer yourself and bilk people out of their hard-earned money. Like any business, you will need to build it up.

I’m here to tell you that within a year or two, with consistent work and effort, you can be earning a 4 or 5 figure income, or more, every month in any popular niche.

One of my websites is in the make money online niche. It’s called Grant.Shawcroft.Marketing, and that’s my logo on the left. The URL is and I’m an affiliate for a website called Wealthy Affiliate. WA is the premier training site for affiliate marketing on the internet today. Their goal is to help people learn how to make money online in affiliate marketing. There are many others that are good, but none are better than Wealthy Affiliate. This article is posted on my MMO website.

It’s free to join, and free to learn how to choose your niche and start your first two professional websites. You can check it out, and if you do, since I am an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate, I may eventually earn a commission if you someday decide to enter the premium (paid) training program.

That’s how affiliate marketing works. By the way, I might as well insert the FTC disclosure here. The FTC wants affiliate marketers to disclose that if a person visits your website and clicks on an affiliate link, and ends up buying a product, the affiliate will be paid a commission.

Isn’t that great?

#2 Romance

There are lots of people looking for love online. There are dating sites, sites for counseling, for getting back together after a split, and many more. Check it out. We’ve all heard or seen commercials for eHarmony, and others like it.

You can enter this niche if it’s one of your interests. There are lots of sites that cater to people who want to make their significant other feel loved, wanted, and special. Your site can be one of them.

I’m not involved in this niche. Don’t get me wrong, I”m happily married and I love my wife and kids, grandkids too. I use other people’s businesses for products, I just don’t have an interest in romance as a business. Maybe you do.

# 3 Health And Fitness

There are probably way more people who are not satisfied with their fitness level, with how they look or how much they weigh, than there are people who are.

There are people who want to stop smoking, who want to eat healthy, and, as I just said, who want to lose weight and keep it off.

You can specialize in this market. You can concentrate on men’s health, women’s health, any of the problems I just mentioned, or you can blog about outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, running, cross fit, or sports, and many others.

Maybe you have an interest or hobby in this niche that you can write about, and find products to sell that are related.

My second website is in this niche. It’s called Upgraded Living. The URL is It’s my newer site, and it’s still mostly in it’s childhood. Take a look at it. I’d love to know what you think.

Cycling and healthy living are my passions, and I’m working to integrate the two in that site.

I made both of my sites using the tools I got from joining Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s Just 3 Evergreen Niches. There Are Many More

For example, how about a pet niche, or even more specific, a cat niche, a dog niche, goldfish even. People love their pets and there are tons of opportunities to make money in this niche.

Hobbies is another niche people are interested in. Like golf. There is a lot of opportunity to make money there too,

Whatever niche you decide on, don’t do it just because you think it will make you a lot of money. You need to choose something that you are genuinely interested in. If not, people can sense that and will not buy from you. You will find it hard to become an expert in that niche too if you aren’t that interested in it.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. I’ve said enough for one post. If you want to get into affiliate marketing, do what I did and join Wealthy Affiliate. It’ll get you off on the right foot and show you the way to wealth.

The banner below will get you to the sign-up page.

Thanks for reading. Leave me a comment below if you like.

I’m Grant.

This is a very interesting article. Am new to blogging and have been on just a niche for a while, but thinking of going into other niches which has been a challenge because I don’t know which niche will be widely accepted thinking about the professionalism attached to my current niche. This is really helpful for newbies like me hoping to change or add other niches. Keep up the good work. 

Thanks for your comment.  You are right, people new to affiliate marketing sometimes have some difficulty choosing a niche to get started in.  It’s an important choice, because we all want to earn money online and some niches are better for that than others.  Good luck to you!

Very informative article you post there on 3 Evergreen Niches.

having  little or no  knowledge of choosing  the right niche can be problems for newbie because they can end up creating thin, vague and mostly useless content that doesn’t give any value to their readers.this article will help newbie alot in choosing the right  niche to write about.thanks I look forward to more of evergreen niche you will post

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my recent post.  I enjoy reading comments from people who have found my post and read it.  

thank you for sharingand posting to me I liked the way you explained it all foryour visit that will visit your website in the future that everyone with the time thinks one day to be yourself and work without stopping forgiveness even for your posting as well as for niche or niche words that have to be chosen in order to we go to google for word niche and i wish you great success in your work

Thanks for your comment, Bajram.  I’m wondering where you are from.  It seem like English is a second language for you as your comment was a little hard for me to understand, but I appreciate you taking the time to write it.

Hey, Grant, nice read and I like your writing style as well.

I think the most important thing you wrote is the necessity to choose a niche that one has an interest in.  A passion for it would be even better. There ARE so many, many great niches out there, anyone can find something they are interested in and then learn all they can about it.  The Internet is wide open for those who want to make it happen.

The other important ingredient for a successful Affiliate Marketing website is a commitment to doing the work that is necessary.  Maybe that’s the most important of all or both go hand in hand.

I would like to testify to the work side for those who are newbies.  I am not a newbie anymore but neither have I been committed to doing the work.  Oh… I was hot to trot when I first joined the WA training platform but I let too many things get in the way of what I knew I needed to do and that was THE WORK.

To you newbies out there? I know that Affiliate Marketing can work because I am following many in the WA community that are very successful and are now seeing their dreams of financial freedom come true.  I have read about their struggles and their victories and their commitment to their dream.  I believe that it can be done.  

I am currently trying to get back on track and develop some positive online work habits but, I have to say that if I had remained committed to the plan/process things would be a whole lot different than they are now and, it wouldn’t be so hard to turn things around now.

All the best of success to you, Grant.  See you at the top?



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