How DO I Get More Traffic To My Website?

How Do I Get More Traffic To My Website?
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That’s The Main Question, Isn’t It?  How Do I Get More Traffic?

How Do I Get More Traffic To My Website?

If you have a website, and if it’s a blog site, and especially if it’s a blog site where you are trying to attract customers, haven’t you asked yourself, “How do I get more customers to my website?”

Especially if you are fairly new.  Once you become experienced you learn the answers to the questions above, but in the first months, when nobody is visiting, it’s pretty much at the forefront of your mind, right?

Well, right at the start you need to know the value of keywords.  It’s pretty obvious to most of us that people find our sites by doing keyword searches, then browse the list of sites that their keyword search found for them, looking for the site that fits what they’re looking for. If your site is there in the front of the mix, many more people will click on it than if it’s farther down in the rankings.

If your site is a page or two back, you have less of a chance for visitors, and if you’re on page 12, for example, no one will ever see it.  Hence the importance of using the most effective keywords.  They can get you ranked higher.

But, There’s A Trick To Using Keywords

Search engines use keywords to find websites, but if it finds several sites using the same keywords to get noticed, how do the search engines rank them?  Here’s where the new website is at a disadvantage.

The search engines find your keywords, but they also look at your site for site trust, how long the site has been operating, how many posts and how often, and they rank the site by the overall evaluation of these searches.  If your site is new, it will ALWAYS be listed behind older, more established websites that have built a reputation with the search engines.  If the keywords found are the same, you’ll be at the back of the list.  That’s not good.

So How Does A Newer Site Compete?

If you want to compete with the big boys (or girls) until you can become a big boy (0r girl) yourself, you have to find keywords that have good searches but lower competition. They’re called “low hanging keywords.”  So, you might ask, “How do I do that?”

You do it by using a keyword tool that will give you the information you need, such as how many searches are done for your keywords, how much traffic your keywords generate, and how much competition (how many websites are using those keywords too) there is for those keywords.

Once you begin to understand the competion, you can choose keywords with lower competition, and improve your chances to get higher rankings.

To Get Results, You Need A Good Keyword Research Tool

I’m sure that there are several keyword tools available online, but the one that I use, and that I recommend, is JAAXY.

Jaaxy is the in-house keyword tool for Wealthy Affiliate, and is also available to non-members to the site.  It’s comprehensive, and it’s fast, and it’s reliable.

So what will a good research tool do for you?  It will help you find good keywords that are low competition, and will give you a chance to compete with the more established sites.  Suppose, for example, that you were looking for a good keyword for attracting visitors looking to get more traffic to their website.  Here’s a Jaaxy screenshot:

As you can see, the five keyword phrases above all have great, low SEO competition.  The second one, for example, “how to get more traffic to your website for” shows 443 searches, and a QSR of only 9.  You could place this keyiword phrase in your blog and the search engines would read it and since the competition is low, you have a better chance to reach a higher rank on the search list, and have some visitors visit your site.

If you want to rank and get more traffic, keywords are the “key”

Do your research.  I won’t repeat the ways to use keywords to grow your online business here, because you can find that information for free by joining Wealthy Affiliate at the starter level, or you can read my Jaaxy review.

Learn the importance of keywords.  Use them wisely, and you will find that your website will begin to get the visitors you want.  And, as you progress and your site matures, you will build that site trust that you need to get the higher rankings.

If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment section below.  I’ll do my best to answer.

I make no secret that i”m a Wealthy Affiliate premium member.  It’s been a great decision for me, and I’ve learned so much about the ins and outs of running a website and getting visitors.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m in the early stages of my internet career, I’ve been online with my websites for less than a year.  Still, I’m seeing results and learning the ropes more and more every day.  I highly recommend the training, and if you are wanting to start a profitable business online, you can’t go wrong by learning with Wealthy Affiliate.  Don’t wait, join today!

Good luck to you in your endeavors, and thanks for reading.




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