How To Avoid Burnout – Secrets Of Staying Motivated

how to avoid burnout, and stay motivated
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If You Work Hard Enough Long Enough, You Will Someday Reach Burnout.

It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion for most of us. We start out on a new project, job, or business venture and for a while everything is rosy. We are motivated, activated, and committed. We self-start, we need no supervision. Life and work are good.

There’s a problem though. The more time goes on and we continue working on the same project, job, or business venture, the less interested and motivated may become. We are approaching burnout.

Soooo…we all know what burnout is, right? Even so, the Urban Dictionary website describes burnout as follows:

“A state of emotional and physical exhaustion caused by a prolonged period of stress and frustration; an inevitable corporate condition characterized by frequent displays of unprofessional behavior, a blithe refusal to do any work, and most important, a distinct aura of not giving a sh*t.”

Notice the word “inevitable” in that definition?

I’ve been there. Most of the time that I work for someone else, I’m able to suck it up and have a positive attitude and do my best. There are times, though…

Same if I’m working for myself. It’s easy tor me to lose interest long term in what I’m doing. Then instead of correcting my behavior and getting back on track, I continue to delay and procrastinate and feel bad about it.

The thing about burnout is that it’s not really temporary. It’s a condition that sneaks up on you and when it hits, it’s hard to overcome. You have to re-motivate or give up. There aren’t many other choices.

How Do You Avoid Burnout?

That’s the same as saying “How do I stay motivated, isn’t it?”

A quick online search will give you lots of ideas on how to stay motivated. Suzanne Gerber wrote an article for Forbes online where she outlined seven steps for staying motivated. Her steps were:

  • Set a goal and visualize it down to the most minute detail
  • Make a list of reasons you want to accomplish the goal
  • Break the goal down into smaller sections and set intermediary targets – and rewards
  • Have a strategy, but be prepared to change course
  • Get the help you need
  • Pre-determine how you will deal with flagging motivation
  • Continually check in with your reasons for carrying on

That’s a lot of stuff to do to stay motivated. I think it’s burning me out.

Just kidding. One of the good points to Suzanne’s article is where she advises to visualize your goal down to the tiniest detail. Visualization is important to success.

Kyle, one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, a website dedicated to training and motivating people to have successful businesses online, lists the following steps to stay motivated. Read the whole article here.

  1. Set goals. Sound familiar? That’s pretty much the #1 step for staying motivated in every article I researched.
  2. Help others. I like that one. Helping others lets you forget your own problems and shortcomings, and lets you refresh yourself.
  3. Learn something new. Makes sense.
  4. Take a break.
  5. Change your environment. Sometimes new surroundings help us change our attitudes.
  6. Reflect on the real potential. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “Start with the end in mind.” If we can visualize what can be, then we can motivate ourselves to reach that end. This step ties in with visualization.

And, here are a couple of my own ideas.

1. Don’t be a self-critic. Usually we are our own worst enemies. That’s because we know ourselves better than anyone else does. It’s easy to get down on ourselves and get into a funk, and it’s hard to get out. We should give ourselves a break, just like we are willing to give others a break.

2. View motivational materials. OK, this is not my idea, it’s someone else’s. I can’t remember where I saw it. I like it though. If you don’t think it works, go on You Tube and watch a motivational video. See if it doesn’t fire you up.

Here’s an example. It’s the 5-second rule by Mel Robbins.

People Make Careers About Teaching Motivation

Tony Robbins comes to mind, and the above mentioned Mel Robbins. I wonder if they are related. Joel Osteen is a TV evangelist that mixes motivational materials in with his preaching of the word. If you learn how to self-motivate, you can teach others how to do it too.

You Need Motivation To Succeed With Anything

Whatever your chosen career, to be the best you need to stave off burnout. You need to be on top of your game, all the time. You need to stay motivated.

Choose the steps from the lists above that will work for you. Watch some motivational videos.

I fired myself up just watching a few to decide which one to include in this post.

My wish for you is that you reach your success goals and beyond. That’s my wish for myself too.

Just Who Am I, Anyway?

No, I’m not some expert on motivation. I spent my career in the US Navy, flying in subhunter aircraft then as a helicopter pilot. I’ve since retired and am building a new career in affiliate marketing online. One of the main ways to do that is with a website and a blog.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where companies contract with people like me to promote their products on their websites. The company provides an affiliate link, and when someone visits my website and reads one of my blog posts, and decides to click on the link, they are taken to that company’s sales page where they can purchase.

If they do, the affiliate earns a commission. Simple as that, but not so simple in the beginning.

There’s a learning curve.

I learned the ropes at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s at the top of its field in providing training in affiliate marketing.

If you’re interested in an online career, where you can earn passive income even while you sleep, give Wealthy Affiliate a look. You can join for free, in fact you can get your first 10 lessons free and your first two websites free too.

Apply the 5-second rule and go to the Wealthy Affiliate website. Get started today.

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for reading, and I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment if you’d like.

I’m Grant.

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