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Create Your Professional Website For Free, In About Two Minutes

Hi, everyone. My name’s Grant, and I’m not an IT guy. I don’t speak HTML or coding or stuff like that. When I made this website, though, it only took me a couple of minutes! It was easy.

Are you one of those people who have an idea, or a desire to have an online presence, but don’t know how to get started? For a lot of things that you might want to do online, you need a website. A lot of places will help you get one, but most of them charge you money to do it, and then a monthly fee to keep it up and running.

I’m going to show you how you can have the website you’ve wanted, for FREE, and with no monthly fee at all.

First, Join Wealthy Affiliate

Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. I know a lot of us are leery of signing up for anything, even if it’s free, because a lot of so called “free” sites give you nothing of value and will bug you forever to upgrade and spend your money to get the stuff that works.

Work From Home - Virtual AssistantOr, they make you give your credit card number, and will automatically charge you when the “free trial” ends if you don’t remember to cancel. Wealthy Affiliate won’t do that. WA does offer upgrades too, but they give you real value for your free membership and you can remain in the free program for as long as you want. You aren’t pestered to upgrade.

And, the free training at WA works!

Since joining Wealthy Affiliate is FREE, too, and you don’t have to upgrade to a premium membership unless you want to, then there’s no risk to join up and get your free two websites. One of the perks of having a free membership with WA is that you can build two free websites. Take a look at the following video to get an overview of how easy it is to get your free website, then I’ll write some more about it.

So, why did I tell you to join Wealthy Affiliate? Because WA will guide you through the process of building your website, and will do it for free. What do you have to do to join?

Just go to the website, linked for you above, and fill out the sign-up screen. No credit card needed.

After you sign up, there are a couple of steps to take to access your new website builder. They are:

  • Choose a profile picture
  • write a short bio for your profile page

Now You Can Build Your Website.

Since you’ve filled out your profile, you will have your own dashboard that lets you, among other things, build your free website. Click on “Websites” on the left side of your screen, then click on “Site Builder.”

There are only 4 steps in you website creation.

Step 1.

Choose the kind of website you want to build. To be completely free, your website will be built on the domain. If you want, you can purchase your own domain at only $14 per year, but right now we’re talking about a free website.

Step 2.

Choose a domain name. For example, let’s say you want your website to be about making baskets. You could maybe pick “basketweaver” for your domain name. Your website would be A nice feature is that when you type in your domain name, WA will let you know if that name is available or not. If not, simply choose another name that relates to your subject.

Step 3.

Choose a name for your website. This isn’t necessarily the same as your domain name, but it should match your subject matter.

Step 4.

Choose a website design. There are twelve quality, hand-picked designs to choose from. Pick one you like, and don’t stress over it. If you later decide it’s not the one you want, you can go back and choose another design and all your data and posts and stuff will automatically transfer to the new design.

There’s no limit on how many times you can change designs, but remember, after 12 then you’re back to re-choosing a design you’ve already tried. Once you decide to go to the premium, paid training, you can choose from almost 2500 different designs.

And…you’re done!

You now have your free website. Congratulations!

Now For A Pep Talk!

The sad truth is that a lot of you reading this post won’t take advantage of the offer of a free website. I read the other day that there are 4 kinds of people.

  • The Yeahbuts – These are the people with the excuses. “Yeah, but…” and they never get off the ground.
  • The Gonnadoits – these are the world’s procrastinators. The people that know what needs to be done, but never get around to it.
  • The WishIwouldas – These guys let the opportunity pass, and in hindsight moan that they wish that they had taken action when they had the chance.
  • The GladIdidits – Yep, these are those who followed through and then reaped the benefits of their actions. These are the doers of the world, the ones who get started and then stick with it until they finish. These guys are the ones who get rich.

Which kind of person are you?

Disclosure: The FTC requires affiliate marketers to disclose that if a reader clicks on an affiliate link and purchase a product through that link, the affiliate will be paid a commission. That doesn’t apply to joining a free program, because a commission on nothing is nothing.
If you end up later on choosing to go premium at Wealthy Affiliate, then a commission will go to the affiliate. That commission doesn’t add to the price of the upgrade.

Thanks for reading my post. I hope it convinces you to jump in and get yourself a free website and join the big, huge internet world. I’d like to hear from you. Leave me a comment if you want or if you have a question.

I’m Grant.


Love your post.  Also like your logo and the site.  I was skeptical of WA when I first heard about it (and looked at some others) but everything you say is true.  It’s step by step, easy to follow and great folks like you there to support everyone as they learn.

Also liked the “Gonnadoits” – I’ve always enjoyed the “always gettin’ ready to get ready” folks.  Planning, talking but never doing.  

For those out there on the fence, Grant is spot on.

At the end of the day you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate and that makes you a very smart person.  Wealthy affiliate by far is the absolute best training platform any where in the world.If you are a person needing a website for your business or if you want to learn to do business online then you need go any further than this article.Thank you for a great article with lots of great information.Dale

Creating a website has never been easier and than it is today, with few clicks of the mouse one can have his or her websites up and running, Yes it is that easy.P lease note  however that when it comes to building a website  that is going to stand the test of time and possibly rank in google and other search engines, some advanced skill and tools will be required to achieve this feat.There is only one platform I can confidently recommend to cater for this need and it is the wealthy affiliate online program Just like it was explained in the article above, try it out and see for yourself.

Thanks Grant for this amazing information. I can’t help but applaud you for revealing what this amazing platforms helps people with little or no knowledge of coding do, owning a professional website at the cost of nothing on wealthy affiliate is amazing, as a matter of fact I have more than 2 websites for both business and personal use created with WA site builder. It feels good to be a member of this wonderful community.

Great post about how to create a website fast and easy Grant!

I know that all the technicalities of building a website will put a lot of people off of actually going out there and doing it… I know I was worried about that myself before I built my first website with Wix.

Your suggestion of using Wealthy Affiliate seems even easier, but is it really as simple as 4 simple steps?

Also, do their websites look professional?

I know my Wix site needs a lot of work to get it looking good!

Thanks in advance 🙂


Hi, John. Thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s as simple as four steps, and the website my post that you read was created exactly by using the four step process. It looks professional, right?  If you haven’t joined Wealthy Affiliate yet, you should do so and find out for yourself. 


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