How To Increase Your Brain Power

How To Increase Your Brain Power
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Definition of BRAIN POWER

In the context of defining power as the ability to make your plans and goals happen in your life, POWER can be defined as  “organized and intelligently directed KNOWLEDGE.”   In other words, POWER comes from a smart and workable PLAN.

In this context, POWER is the ability to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.  We’re not talking about power like electricity or hydro power, we are talking about the power of your mind and your ablility to think in an ordganized way, to plan and prepare for success.

You can’t reach your goals if you are powerless to take the actions necessary to make things happen.

Let’s discuss the nearly universal goal of accumulating wealth.  How do you get the power required to obtain the wealth you desire?

A great many people want to be wealthy, but most never become so.  I’m not talking about the wealth of a well lived life, of being loved and loving, of having fulfilling relationships and the satisfaction of knowing that you are a good person and that you have served your fellow human beings.

Yes, such a life is a wealthy life, and a life to be sought after, but I’m talking about wealth as money.

Would you rather be a loving and selfless person living in poverty, or a loving and selfless person living in wealth?

It’s OK to want money, as long as the other things are not neglected.  They should not be neglected, because as Ebenezer Scrooge found out, pursuing money above all else does not lead to a fulfilled life.

Still, becoming financially wealthy is an admirable goal.  Wealth opens the door to many worthwhile things, including an enjoyable quality of life and the ability to bless the lives of others.

How To Increase Your Brain Power

3 Ways To Gain Personal Power

  • Creative Imagination – the ability to access what has been called “Infinite Intelligence.”
  • Accumulated Experience – the knowledge of the accumulated experience of the world, found in libraries, universities, and technical institutes worldwide.
  • Research and Experimentation – individual study and application, refining results to obtain a desired outcome.

Accessing “Infinite Intelligence” is another way of saying “getting inspiration.”  If you want to be in tune with the infinite, and have pure inspiration enter your mind, you need to be living in such a way that your mind is succeptible to that inspiration.

That’s why you need to be living that loving and selfless life.  Your mind will be more in tune and open to inspiration.

As to the second of the three ways to gain personal power, accumulated experience, read a lot.  Study.  Learn and grow.  Knowledge is power. (There’s a well established cliche).

After the inspiration hits, and you have done your homework, then you make a plan and put it into action.

If your plan works, great.  If not, then you tweak it and try it again.  That’s the third step.

How Do You Multiply Your Efforts for Faster Results?

How To Increase Your Brain PowerHave you heard of a Master Mind group?  It’s defined as 2 or more people who get together to work for a common goal.  Napoleon Hill said that no one can achieve great wealth without a master mind group helping in the path to success.  When such a group gets together and works on solving problems, what they do has become known as “brainstorming.”

There is something that happens during brainstorming sessions, when the participants are focusing together on a common outcome.  The ability to come up with ideas and solutions becomes enhanced in each person, and each person’s mental abilities seem to expand so that the total becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

This is known as SYNERGY.  Synergistic groups often experience results far greater than if each had thought it out on his or her own and then got together with others to compare notes.

If you want to reach your wealth goals faster, find others who have the same goals as you do and work with them toward the success you all want.  You can support each other mentally, emotionally, and financially.

Every single person who has obtained the wealth he or she desires, and I am talking about significant wealth, has had a MASTER MIND group to aid in reaching the goal.  NO ONE has reached such lofty heights without help.

Here’s Napoleon Hill explaining in his own words the value of a Master Mind group.  Keep in mind that he wrote his book back in the 1930s, so some of the things he describes are a little out of date, but the principles still apply.  The tape is about 7 minutes long.

Do You Believe In Yourself?

There is something to be said about faith.  Without it, you will go nowhere.  Faith is a principle of action.  It pushes you forward toward your goals.  It’s also a principle of power, that empowers you do the things you want to do.

Without faith in yourself and your abilities to reach your dreams, you will never get there.  They will always be beyond your reach.

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How To Increase Your Brain Power

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You make the choice.  It’s your life.

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Thank you for your inspirational words. It’s true to say that if you want to make money online, you need to have a ton of self-belief, enthusiasm, and a willingness to see it through to the end. I think many people expect overnight success, not realizing that everything takes time and effort. Perhaps it’s like planting a seed, watering it and protecting it, while waiting for it to flourish. Don’t you agree?


Very Nice article about power and having the right mindset. Believing in yourself is the most important. The power of being positive and living a selfless life is fantastic.

The opportunities that are presented when that happens can be life-changing. Running an online business is one of the ways to have that power you mentioned. Wealthy Affiliate is fabulous and highly recommended for anyone interested.

Nice Information. Thank you


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