How To Make Money On eBay

How To Make Money On eBay
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Have You Tried eBay Yet?

Taking the mystery out of online selling

If you’re like most of us, you probably sold an item or two on eBay.  I have.  I can probably add the number of times I’ve listed something for auction on the fingers of both hands.  I guess I’m what’s called a “casual seller.”

There are people, though, who make pretty good money on eBay and sell things regularly.  I’ve been thinking about that myself recently, and so I did a little research into it.

I briefly mentioned selling on eBay a few months back in a post I wrote called “I Am Ready To Start My Own Business.”  Here’s the link.

Most people start off by selling unwanted stuff that they have lying around the home.  That’s fine, and if you do that and keep a careful eye on what sells well and what doesn’t, you begin to form an idea of what people like to buy.

Eventually, though, we run out of stuff.  Then what?  What do we do to find things to sell?  What things do we look for?

Here are some of good places to find saleable items for eBay.

Garage Sales

If you live in an area where there are a lot of garage sales, you will be able to find a lot of items to sell.  As long as people have extra stuff, there will be garage sales.  Here are some tips to remember when you go “hunting.”

Get there early.  Other people are looking for stuff too, and if you snooze, you lose.  Plan to arrive early enough to be able to look around and find good items before they are gone. Of course, if you are going to attend several garage sales during the day, you won’t be able to be first at each one.  That’s fine.  You do what you can do.

A good rule of thumb is to never pass by a garage sale on the way to another one.  Just because you planned on one place, you never know what you might find if you stop.  You can continue after looking around.

If you see some items that interest you, it’s a good idea to group them together and ask for a group price, or total up the prices for the items and offer to buy them all for a few dollars less.  Many times you offer will be accepted.  You can also offer lower prices for single items.

These are not new ideas.  If you’ve been to or had a garage sale, you know the routine.

Some people offer to buy whatever’s left after the sale is over for a nominal price.  A lot of times the seller will take that deal so thay can get rid of the rest of their stuff.  Just remember, you probably won’t be able to resell a lot of it, but if there are even just a few things, it might be worth it.  You never know.

In my area garage sales are seasonal.  Not much happens in the winter.  Once spring arrives, though, the sales start.

Estate Sales

Like garage sales, estate sales can have a lot of items you can resell.  Estate sales, in many cases, auction off items, so you may not be able to get what you want for the price you want, but at times you can.

Personally, I’ve never been to an estate sale, so I can’t give a lot of advice here.

Flea Markets

This may also be a good place to find good items. If you know what you want, and can find it at the right price, you can make a profit reselling it.  Just watch your cash.  Flea market sellers are out to make a profit too, and you don’t want to resell and not be able to make a profit.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores have a variety of items for sale, and you can find good items in these places too.  Items are donated, so their prices are low. Thay have a large variety of different items for sale.  You can findd good items for resale if you take your time and know what you want.

Again, thrift stores sell cheap, but they want to make money too, so be careful that their prices aren’t too high.

With all of these sources, you have the benefit of hand-picking what you want to buy.  As you become more experienced selling on eBay, you will have a good idea of the value of certain items on the site, and can make educated dicisions.

You can also start small.  You don’t have to buy a large inventory to get started.  Learn and grow.

What sells on eBay?

Here’s a short You Tube video.

Just about anything and everything.  Here are a few ideas.


What Do I Sell On EbayThis is one I haven’t tried, but all my research says that clothes sell.  Designer stuff, trendy stuff, blue jeans, shoes, men’s suits and sport coats, among a lot of other stuff.  If you like it, someone else will like it too.


How To Make Money On eBayThe good stuff and the costume stuff too.  If it’s flashy, or if it’s understated.  And if it’s not broken.  Try to sell jewelry that is in good condition.   Don’t forget watches, they sell well too.

Electronics and Video Games

How To Make Money On eBayThere’s always a market for electronics, and video games, even outdated games for old consoles.  The consoles themselves too.


What Do I Sell On eBay?Older cameras, SLRs, with cases preferably.  Classic and antique cameras sell.


What Do I Sell On Ebay?Vintage toys sell well.  Popular toys sell also.  Again, don’t sell your broken stuff unless it’s rare and collectible.


How To Make Money On eBayYes, Legos.  You can sell some of the Lego people if they are distinctive and popular.  Lego building peices sell well in bulk, by the pound.


How To Make Money On eBayThe problem I see here is the shipping, but bikes do sell.


How To Make Money On eBayI’ve sold several silver coins on eBay.  I’ve never sold a gold coin because I’ve never owned a gold coin.  You can sell them too if you have them.

There’s a lot more items that you can sell.  Jump in and get started.  It’s fun.

A last word about selling on eBay.  Everybody is looking for a bargain.  Don’t expect top dollar for all your listed items.  Your goal should be to make a profit, even if it’s a small one.  There will be times when something you list will take off and bring you good money, but most of the time you won’t make a lot.  That’s why you should be careful how much you pay when you buy an item.

On a side note,

Since we’re talking about making money online, have you heard of affiliate marketing?  You don’t have to buy products at all if you are an affiliate marketer.  What you do is promote products from other businesses on your web site, and if someone who visits your site buys a product that you are promoting, the company selling the product pays you a commission.

You don’t have to give up your eBay business, but you can diversify and start another income stream with affiliate marketing.

A great place to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing is a site called Wealthy Affiliate.  This site is a training platform for affiliate marketing, and you can start and get your first 10 lessons for FREE.  You can even get 23 free websites.

If you find that you like affiliate marketing, and find the training valuable, you can upgrade to the paid area, which is well worth the nominal cost, and REALLY learn to become great at what you do.  There’s no pressure to do so if you don’t want to, and unlike some places, you don’t have to put down your credit card number to start and cancel it of you don’t continue.  It’s just the opposite.

Keep your card in your pocket until you decide to use it.

If this sounds like something you’d like to take a closer look at, click on the banner to get more info.  If it sounds good, don’t wait.  Get started now.

Thanks for reading my post.  Leave a comment if you’d like.



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