How To Pick A Niche For Your Blog

How To Choose A Niche For Your Blog
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New Affiliate Marketers Struggle To find Their Niche

Affiliate marketing is niche marketing. When you’re first starting out in affiliate marketing, and you are trying to find your niche, sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming. We want our site to make money, and we want our efforts at building our sites and our blogs to pay off. Starting out, one of the first things we need to do is FIND OUR DIRECTION!

What’s A Niche?

Simply put, a niche is an audience. It’s a group of people interested in the same things. You could call it a segment of an industry or of a larger, broader subject. When you think about your niche, ask yourself some questions.

Most people ask questions like the following: What do I want to promote on my site? What niches are profitable? Which ones are not? Which ones have too much competition? These kinds of questions go through our minds as we start to frame our online businesses.

In reality, we should also be asking ourselves different questions, such as: What do I enjoy? What are my interests? My passions? My hobbies? What is it that I would really like to involve myself with?

Here’s a ten minute video from Alex at Create and  Go that will help you with choosing a niche.

I see questions all the time like “What’s the best niche for…” There’s no ONE right answer! Choosing a niche is not rocket science. There are any number of good niches you can choose for your business.

As Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate says, “There is NO SUCH THING as choosing the wrong niche!”
While picking a niche is an individual decision, there are some “do’s and don’ts” that we should consider, and that can make our choice a whole lot easier than we sometimes make it out to be.

First Some Don’ts

  • Don’t pick too broad a topic. “Health Tips” is too broad. There’s too much leeway to make it a good niche. Narrow it down. “How to Control and Cure Type 2 Diabetes” is a much better niche. Likewise “Making Money” is too broad. There are dozens if not hundreds of money-making ideas out there. Another broad topic is “Weight Loss.” While the audience is enormous, you won’t be able to post about all the ideas out there for weight loss. Narrow it down, to a smaller segment like “Losing Belly Fat,” or whichever subject you are interested in.
  • Don’t choose a product as your niche. A product is not a niche. If you have found a great super food drink, or THE next great exercise program, that’s awesome. If you make that one thing your niche, how many times can you blog about the same thing over and over again? There was a time when I thought a great product was enough, but I learned firsthand that it’s not. Make your niche about super foods, and you can include your great product in your posts, and you won’t run out of posting ideas.
  • Don’t choose a niche only because you think it will make money. Too many people come at finding a niche from the wrong end. They think about making money first, and what they like last. This was a mistake I made myself. if you’re not interested in the subject, you won’t be able to write about it with passion, and your readers will see through you. With over 2 billion people on the internet, just about any niche has the potential to make money, so choose something that you like and can write about. Of course, the potential for sales is important, so don’t choose something that’s not marketable.
  • Don’t avoid a niche you like because you think there’s too much competition. This is another mistake people make. They are afraid of competition. There will always be competition, and if there’s not, it means that nobody is interested in that niche. Embrace competition. Competition means that the subject is popular. The internet is so HUGE that you will be able to get your slice of the pie.

Now Some Do’s

  • Choose something that you’re interested in. You don’t have to be passionate about it, but you need to at least have some interest, just because you don’t want researching topics to become worse than your day job that you hate. If you’re interested in the subject, you’re going to be able to become an expert on your niche, and that’s going to help you establish yourself online. That’s how you build trust.
  • Narrow down the main category. Most people choose a niche that is too broad. They think that if they narrow down the subject too much, there won’t be a big enough customer base to make any money. Rule of thumb: If you think your niche is too small, then it’s really probably about right. “Men’s Tennis Rackets” may seem too small, but there are hundreds of rackets and dozens of manufacturers. “Baby Booties” is a lot better than “Baby Clothes.” Even better is “Heirloom Hand Knitted Baby Booties.”
  • Understand that you are going to become involved in your niche. You are going to be blogging about your niche. You will be helping people within your niche. You will be choosing products in your niche to sell. You are going to become an SME (Subject Matter Expert) within your niche.
  • Embrace the competition. I said this before. Competition is not an enemy. It is an indicator of popularity. There aren’t very many “Pet Rock” opportunities out there, and unless you are the genius who comes up with the next “first on the market” product, competition will always be your companion.

You won’t be an expert right off, but that’s normal. Nobody is a born expert. As you research products within your niche, and as you learn, you will become the expert and will be able to solve people’s problems and answer their questions.

Get Started Today!

If you’re holding back on starting your online business because you’ve been struggling about what niche you want to go into, there’s no more reason to wait! Pick something you like, and get going!

One of my the affiliate programs I’m involved with is Wealthy Affiliate. You may have noticed earlier a quote from Kyle, who’s one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the place where I got my training. Here’s Kyle’s lesson on choosing a niche.

I mention Wealthy Affiliate a lot in my posts, because it’s where I’ve received the training to do what I do. If you haven’t found a good training platform yet for your online business, you should give them a look. They allow you to join for free, and are upfront and honest about everything.

If you do decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, and do so from a link on my post, the FTC requires that I notify you that I will be paid a commission when you decide to enter the paid training, if you ever do. Of course you probably will, once you see the value it provides.

Thanks for reading my post. Please leave a comment below and share if you want.

I’m Grant

I appreciate your in-depth discussion of how to pick a niche for your blog. That was something that worried me to death when I was starting out. I remember thinking I had to find the perfect niche where there wasn’t much competition and I could make lots of money fast.

Do you think most people overthink choosing a niche?

Hi, Gary. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I think we do overthink many decisions in life, not just choosing a niche.

Thanks for writing that. I am new to internet marketing and I have only created x2 websites so far. Picking my niche from a whooooole wide world of options was actually quite a challenge. The other thing that I learnt as I went along was that what I initially thought was a niche day 1 is actually quite broad. I like your example of “Health Niche”. I agree that is actually too broad. Once you get down into the “weeds” of the niche, you can fully appreciate how specific a niche really is. I like your idea to embrace competition and “go for it” even if there are lots of competition, you can still succeed. I was just wondering if you had any tips to help people who have picked a niche, but haven’t signed up to an Affiliate program yet?

Hi, GBIG. Thanks for commenting on ny post. Most people take a look at Amazon as an Affiliate partner. They’re so big and have so many products that they fit just about anyone’s niche. Ebay is another option.  Good luck with your business. 

Very interesting article – I’ve failed miserably at picking a niche for an online business twice before in the past. I guess I went for the ‘money subject’ without really thinking things through properly…and my writing suffered for it. What is your advice on gathering niche info for content – how do you go about finding it?

Hi, Chris. Thanks for commenting.  Finding niche material for posts isn’t always easy. That’s why I recommend writing on subjects with low hanging keywords and tying them into your niche. Here’s a great lesson from Wealthy Affiliate on choosing your niche.


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