I Want To Make Money Online, How Do I Start My Online Business?

How Do I Start My Online Business?
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How Big Is The Internet?

Recent research has shown that in 2014 there were at least 1 BILLION websites on the internet, a number that changes daily as some websites go offline and new ones are born. Two years ago there were over 4 and one half BILLION web pages online.

That’s a lot of internet! Some of it is for entertainment, some for information, some for business. Many of us would like to take advantage of the internet and start an online business. There are many advantages to having a business online. They include:

  • access to billions of potential customers
  • no need to own or rent a physical location
  • ability to work from virtually anywhere
  • ability to make money 24/7

How Do I Start My Online Business For Better Income?

Let me say up front that I’m not a business coach. I’m not an internet expert either. I do have an online business though and I can tell you my experience in getting started online.

First, lets discuss what NOT to do. There are tons of scams online where people want to separate you from your money. I’ve fallen for a couple in my career, and there are things to look for and avoid.

Stay away from

  • promises of quick cash
  • promises of huge returns for no work
  • sites that are vague and don’t say what they are about
  • anything that sound “too good to be true,” because it is

I recently took a look at a site that promised to earn me my first $500 within my first 30 minutes of joining their opportunity. I was curious to see how they could do that. It didn’t take me long to see that it was a scam.

These offers of quick, easy money take in lots of people every day, because people just like the idea of getting money quickly without much work. If they really worked, wouldn’t everybody already be involved in those offers?

I know some people won’t take my word for it, and will have to find out for themselves. That’s fine. I said before that I’m no expert. Use some common sense though and save yourself from losing your money.

What Kind Of Online Business Do You Want To Start?

If you have no idea, then you’ve just identified your first step. You need to decide what you want to do.

An easy place to start is with eBay. Anyone can sell on eBay, and some people do it full time. It’s an auction site but you can sell direct without the auction too. People like to buy almost anything online. I wrote a post a while back on starting an eBay business and how to find products to sell. You can check it out here.

I sell (and buy) on eBay. I’m not a big seller yet, but I’m active. Remember, though, that people are looking for bargains, so if you are selling something that you have significant money invested in, you may not make much of a profit. The goal is to find things to sell that you can get for little or no cost so your profit is maximized.

While you’re getting started with your eBay business, you can look around the web and research other business opportunities. What I found during my search is affiliate marketing. If you start an online business in affiliate marketing, you:

  • don’t have to buy or stock inventory
  • don’t have to ship anything
  • don’t have to deal with returns
  • can select the products you want to promote
  • connect customers with products they are looking for
  • get paid commissions on products that people buy from your promotion

As an affiliate marketer, which I am, my business model is to own a website (I currently have two) where I review and market products for companies that I have an affiliate agreement with. Affiliate marketers usually use blog websites to promote such products. Like this one.

People read my blog, and my reviews, and if they find that the product I promote meets their needs, they click on the product, which takes them to the sales page for the company, where they can buy the item. When they do that, I receive a commission.

Commissions vary depending on the policies of the parent company, and there are hundreds of thousands of products available for affiliate marketers. Established “super affiliates” easily earn 5 an 6 figure incomes every month. Yes, I said month! Of course, it takes a few years to reach that lofty income level, but wouldn’t it be worth the wait?!

Affiliate Training Is Important

The sheer size of the internet is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it opens up virtually the whole world as your potential customer base. It’s a curse because your website is easily lost in the billion other websites out there. You have to know how to get your website noticed. That’s where training comes in.

Once I decided I wanted to try my hand at earning an income in affiliate marketing, I needed to find out how it’s done. I was really lucky in that regard, because I found what I consider to be the best affiliate training site available, and I found it fairly quickly in a site called Wealthy Affiliate.

There are boatloads of sites teaching affiliate marketing. Prices vary wildly, as does the quality of the training. I would venture to guess that most are legit, and offer various degrees of training. But I didn’t even bother with them.

Here’s why.

Wealthy Affiliate lets you sign up for FREE! They actually want you to. Then they give you 2 free websites to get you started and 10 free lessons. It’s called the Free Starter Program.

I’m not going to pretend that the Free Starter Program isn’t the hook to get you to sign up later for the paid, premium training. Of course it is. But that’s fine because the free program lets you learn about affiliate marketing and whether you want to go that route.

If you don’t, you haven’t lost anything. in fact, you’ve learned how affiliate marketing works and you can decide if you want to continue with it. If you do continue, all the training is there for you to take advantage of, for a reasonable and competitive cost. Rather than list it all here, click on the link and check out my recent post on what’s available on Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m going to close my post now. Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope the information was of value to you. Feel free to leave me a comment below if you’d like.

I’m Grant.

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It amazes me just how these programs are allowed to operate with their promises of instant wealth. There surely should be a governing body to close them down!

I have heard only good things about Wealthy Affiliate, so thanks for highlighting this fact. I may look into this further at a later date.

Hi GJShawk; I have read your article and I found the information helpful for someone who want to start an online business.

Because you have pointed out some affiliate Marketing companies and have given tips on the training platform to choose; there is a clear indication for all newbies to follow.

With all the help that you have given in this post. Do you see failure for anyone after the application?


HI, DorcasW.  If anyone is going to fail, it’s because they either quit too soon or don’t stay with it and work hard.  Thanks for the comment.

Hi Grant
Thanks for sharing this post. This is a great summary of one of the best ways I’ve personally found to make cash online. You’ve given a decent summary of the Wealthy affiliate program and its benefits. Happy to say I’m a member and learning new things all the time. Also a great section about how to avoid being scammed. Keep up the great work!


I agree that affiliate marketing is an amazing business opportunity to get involved in — and without s doubt wealthy affikisyevis the best place to learn all the nessary skills to become successful at it.

They offer up to date training, all the tools you need to succeed, and is very cheap to become a member.

So if thinking about making money online, I’d highly recommend you check them out.

You have mentioned about eBay. But, nowadays I think most of the people are not using eBay for affiliate marketing. In 1995 I have seen people talking much about eBay. Has eBay Lost it’s popularity and business or still it is worth to signup for the affiliate program?Thanks for reminding me about eBay.


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