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Success Stories

Success Story #2

Since my first internet success story was about Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, it’s logical that my second success story should be about Kyle’s business partner, Carson. Read my post about Kyle here.

As I explained in my first success story, I’m only using first names of the subjects of each post. I’m sure that if you want a full name that you can do your own research and find it.

Carson comes from a family of educators, and with a degree in Computer Science and a background in the subject, he has inherited that love of learning and teaching.

He tells in his WA bio that he got his first computer in 1994, and worked online on his own for a while, until 2005 when he partnered with Kyle to form Wealthy Affiliate, which he describes as a “small tech company (in a sense) with big ideas.”

Since that 2005 beginning Wealthy Affiliate has grown to become one of the premier, if not THE premier, training platforms on how to succeed with an online business on the internet today, and the site is still growing and improving.
A lot of that success is attributable to Carson and his knowledge of computers and the internet. Even more, the site is dedicated to helping people succeed, and it shows.

There are a lot of technical things that need to be done in order to build a successful platform, where all the parts mesh seamlessly and effectively. Most of us don’t have that know-how. Carson does.

Kyle and Carson work together to continuously improve the website, staying ahead of the competition and providing awesome training to their members.

Wealthy Affiliate is approaching a million members in their free and paid training sides of the site combined. It’s unique that WA wants people to sign up for free, to get a feel for the site and take a “test drive” before committing to spending any money.

That’s the opposite of a scam. That’s the real deal.

Carson and Kyle’s brainchild is 13 years old now. It has become a powerful force on the internet for teaching regular people from all walks of life how to establish their own successful online businesses. It’s paid off handsomely for Carson. I’ll admit I haven’t seen a financial statement from Carson, but I believe it’s safe to say that his annual income from WA is in the 7 figure range.

I believe he’s an internet millionaire!

Why People Fail Online

There are two simple reasons why people fail in their attempts to create a successful online business that will earn them a living.

Simple Reason #1

They don’t know what they are doing. I”ve been in that boat myself. There are lots of websites that will tell you that you can make $500 in your first hour online, and lots of us fall for the hype, and then we fail because there’s no training. If you don’t learn what you are doing you are going to continue to fall for these “iffy” programs and you will continue to lose your money.

Eventually you will reach the point where you will become disillusioned and give up.

It’s CRITICAL to get quality training if you want to succeed in your online business efforts!

Once you get proper training and know what you are doing, your situation will improve dramatically and you can enter the internet marketing world with confidence. You can get good training in a lot of places, but none of them are better than Wealthy Affiliate.

As I said, you can join for free, and WA gives you 10 free lessons and 2 free websites to get you started. The free lessons help you decide on what business area to enter into and then point you in the right direction.

There’s no pressure to upgrade. You can work the free side of the training for as long as you want. My experience, though, is that once you go through those free lessons you will see the many advantages of upgrading and will take the next step. My own experience was that I stayed in the free program for only about a week before deciding to go premium.

I haven’t regretted my decision at all.

Simple Reason #2

They quit too soon. Starting a business takes time, whether it’s an online business or a business out in the world. Most take at least a couple of years to reach success.

Too many of us start a business, and when it doesn’t make money right away, we quit. We live in a “now” society. Life moves fast, and we want success fast. That usually doesn’t happen for entrepreneurs.

If you think about it, it’s become common to change direction after a short time if we’re not seeing the results we want soon enough. We don’t give our business a chance to develop.

I realize that the internet itself contributes to the problem. It’s gotten so big that it’s hard to get our little startup website seen among all the established “big boys.” It’s a challenge, and it takes a while to establish your site as an authority site where you start to be ranked at the top of the search pages.

It can be done, and it’s not that hard, but it takes time and consistent effort. Look at Carson, for example. He’s making a great income online, but he’s been at it for 13 years. Many of us quit before we’ve gone 13 months.

You Can Be A Winner Too!

You can do the same as Kyle, or Carson, or anyone else with an online business. You WILL succeed if you don’t quit, and if you dedicate yourself to learning and growing. Sure, you’ll make mistakes, and maybe have some failure, but out of our mistakes and our failures rise our best successes.

If you have that desire to build an online business, then you should go for it. Give Wealthy Affiliate a look, but whether you join or not, get the training somewhere and GET STARTED.

In a year or two, maybe even sooner, you’ll be earning enough from your internet business to quit your day job.

Thanks for reading my post. Leave me a comment if you’d like.

The FTC requires affiliate marketers to disclose that if you click on an affiliate link and purchase a product, the affiliate (me) will be paid a commission. That’s true, and it’s how affiliate marketing works.

I’m Grant.

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