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Would You Like To Be A World Traveler?

Ericcantu (his internet name) loves to travel. In fact, he just got back from trips to Iceland and Tokyo, both paid for 100% by his internet business.

You might think that it took him years to establish himself online and make enough money to be able to travel wherever and whenever he wants, but you’d be wrong.

Since 2002 Ericcantu worked as a firefighter in south Texas, but he knew he couldn’t do that kind of work for his whole life. He began looking for a better way. He found that way online.

Ericcantu had never built a website before January 2017, when he joined Wealthy Affiliate, which he calls the “Rolls Royce” of online training platforms. Even with no experience he qualified for the 2018 Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference is held annually.

And he’s done it again this year!

Of course, it takes a lot of work and persistence to qualify for the Vegas trip.

Let me tell you what it takes to qualify.

300 Paid Referrals to Wealthy Affiliate

You have to have 300 referrals to Wealthy Affiliate enter the premium (paid) training in a calendar year. There is a second way. During the last quarter of the year, September through December, you can qualify if you get 100 paid referrals. That opens the door to people who join WA during the year and want to qualify for the Vegas trip.

That’s the only way, that I know of, that you can make it to the all-expense paid Las Vegas conference.

It’s not an easy task. Every year only 20 or 30 people make it. Some make it for the first time, some have been going for several years. Anyone can go, as long as they meet the referral requirement.

What Can You Earn With 300 Paid Referrals?

Of course, everyone who joins Wealthy Affiliate signs up for free. Everyone.

Some people stay with the free training for a while, but it’s limited. Those who want to get serious move over to the paid training, which is $49 per month if a new paid member wants to pay monthly, or $359 per year if that person wants to save money (you save over $19 per month by paying for a year) and commit to a year’s effort and growth.

First, Lets See What Happens With Monthly Paid Referrals

When you move from free to paid, your first month is discounted to $19. Every month after that is $49.

The Wealthy Affiliate commission structure for your monthly referrals pays you $8 for that first month, then $23.50 for each month thereafter.

So, if you have signed up at least 300 paid referrals, your income would be:

$8 commission for the first month ($19 for the member), then $23.50 for every month that the member pays monthly.

If the new member pays yearly, then you get paid $175 of the $359 annual fee.

Figure it out. If you have 300 referrals earning you a commission of $23.50 each, you’ll be earning $7,050 per month, which works out annually to over $80,000 per year. It’s not possible to figure out exactly because of the $8 commission for the first month.

Now Lets See What Happens If They All Pay Annually

That’s pretty simple. The Wealthy Affiliate commission structure for annual payments is $175 commission per annual paid member. If you have 300 paid referrals that all pay the annual fee, your commission would be $175 for each one. 300 referrals X $175 each = $52,500 in commissions.

Of course, you’ll get a mix. Some will pay monthly, some will pay annually, so your commissions will be a mix too.

You’d make more if all your referrals paid monthly premiums, wouldn’t you? Not necessarily, because a monthly member could revert back to the free training and stop making payments. That won’t happen as much with those who pay annually, because they have made a commitment for a year.

Imagine This Happening Year After Year!

You’ll keep a lot of your referrals from your first year, as they work to grow their own businesses. You’ll keep on signing up referrals too, to qualify again for the trip to Las Vegas. $50,000 in year one, $100,000 in year two, and so forth year after year.

You will still be getting paid commissions on your referrals, even if they signed up a few years back, as long as they are still paying their Wealthy Affiliate membership. That’s called Passive Income!

Are You Interested?

Ericcantu wasn’t a computer whiz or an expert on internet marketing when he started. Yet he was able to earn a significant income and qualify for a fabulous trip to Las Vegas in about a year. For some it takes longer, for some it takes less time.

The great thing about it is that you are earning an income as you are working toward the trip, and can make good money even if you don’t qualify.

If you want your own online business in affiliate marketing, you can join for free by clicking on the banner or the link. Fill out your profile and you’re on your way. Your success after that is up to you, but Wealthy Affiliate will give you the tools and the training to succeed.

If you want to have enough money to be able to fulfill your dreams, whether it’s travel or something else, you can do it with Wealthy Affiliate. Or, you can keep buying those lottery tickets and hope for the best.


Thanks for reading my post. It’s my third one in my series on Internet Business Success Stories. Right now I’m profiling people who have become successful by training with Wealthy Affiliate. My first two posts were about Kyle and Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

I know there are lots of other people who have achieved great success going other ways, and I plan to get to some of them too before I’m done.

I hope you keep reading and are inspired to get started yourself.

The FTC requires me to notify you that if you decide to click on an affiliate link in my post and end up purchasing, I will receive a commission. That commission doesn’t increase the price of whatever product is purchased.

Again, thanks for reading.

I’m Grant.

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