Internet Business Success Stories, Grace

Internet Business Success Stories, Grace
Success Stories

Hard Work And Persistence Pay Off

It’s fun for me to see what others are doing to succeed online. I’ve had the desire myself for quite some time to be an entrepreneur, to have my own business. I’ve basically thought about it for my whole life, but I didn’t really decide to try my luck in business until after I’d retired from working for other people.

I had some hits and some misses along the way, and about a year and a half ago I came across a website called Wealthy Affiliate, where I could join for free and see what it was all about. I’ve always thought that FREE is good, so I figured why not, and signed up.

Now one of my “things” is finding successful Wealthy Affiliate members, and other successful online business owners, and learning about their successes. Then I write a blog post about them. It’s inspiring, and I get a “kick” out of it.

In this post, I’m going to profile a woman whose name is Grace, and who uses the online name “littlemama.” What I find interesting about Grace is that she is chronicling her path to success, and we can get a glimpse of her rise in income as she continues to work.

Grace isn’t an online millionaire.  Not yet.  She’s on her way though and it won’t be long until she joins those others who have achieved that lofty rank.

Grace joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2016. During her first year, she made a grand total of $483 online. Not much for a year’s work. It averages out to only around $40 per month.

So far this year, she’s earned a total of $19,561, with a couple of months to go. Now that’s a nice increase. The chart below is from Grace’s own website.

How hard has Grace worked in the last two years? Here are some of her totals, again from her website.
In her August 2018 report, she says that she has written 525 posts for her blog, averaging over 1,600 words per post. She’s written over 862,000 words so far. Amazing!

She’s also has over 10,000 email subscribers. She gets nearly 2000 visitors to her website per day, and increasing.

She’s way ahead of me. I don’t have an email list yet, and I’m just closing in on my first 100 posts. It goes to show what can happen with intense and constant effort.

Littlemama produced another graph showing how her income has grown over time. The red line represents the number of new posts written, and the blue line is her income over time. Check it out.

Looking at the above graph, Grace started to see her income start to rise in her 14th month, right when she really started to write. It was around the time when she wrote her 250th blog post on her website that the steady climb in income began.

In my opinion, that’s about when the search engines began to rank her website as an authority site.

My site is getting traffic, but it hasn’t yet reached authority status and because of that it’s ranked a lot lower by the search engines. You’ll learn things like search engine optimization once you join Wealthy Affiliate and start your training.

Another interesting characteristic I see in the graph above is this: It takes about as long to become successful with an internet business as it does with an offline business. I’ve been told that and I took it for the truth, so seeing Grace’s graph has fortified that belief.

Way To Go, Grace! Keep It Up!

Grace has also qualified for the upcoming Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference that is held annually in Las Vegas, NV. It’s an all-expense paid trip for those who have signed up either 300 paying referrals in a calendar year or 100 paying referrals in the last quarter of the year, September through December.

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to make it this year. I had high hopes, but I haven’t put in the work needed to succeed in that endeavor yet.

I got side-tracked around the middle of the year this year. Life happened and I let it happen. My business efforts got pushed to the side for a while. I’m back on track but I have to make up some time.

Can You Be Successful Online Too?

Of course you can, if you really want to.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money upfront fo do so either.  In fact, if you find people asking for a large sum just to sign up for their training, then you should run the other way!  In my younger days I was burned a couple of times and lost quite a bit of money because I didn’t take my own advice.  I was suckered in.

Wealthy Affiliate won’t do that to you.  With Wealthy Affiliate you can sign up for FREE!  As a matter of fact, pretty much everyone signs up for free.

The free side of Wealthy Affiliate gets you started and lets you see if you want to pursue an online business.  You are given 10 free lessons on how to create your own business, and are given 2 free websites and training on how to set them up.

Don’t you think that’s a better way to see if you want to work online that putting hundreds of dollars into training and  then trying to get a refund if you find out you don’t want to do it?  Good luck with that.

Sign Up NOW!

If you’re really interested in checking Wealthy Affiliate out, now is a great time to take the plunge.  You get to start for free, and if you like it and decide to advance to a premium membership, you can get a great discount by taking advantage of the upcoming Black Friday Sale!

Normal yearly membership is $349 per year, but during the Black Friday Sale you can sign up for $299.  Comes out to less than a dollar a day.

Signing up now will give you a chance to look things over before the sale rolls around.  It starts Friday, November 23 and runs through Monday, November 26.

You can click on a link or the banner below to get started with your FREE training.

Note:  The FCC require a blogger to notify his readers that if the reader clicks on an affiliate link and purchases something, the blogger will be paid a commission.  That commission is NOT added to the price of the product.

Thanks for reading my post.  Please leave a comment if you’d like or if you have something to say.

I’m Grant.


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