Internet Business Success Stories, Jerry H

Internet Business Success Stories
Success Stories

Jerry’s Background

Jerry H., I won’t give his last name, not because I shouldn’t but because I don’t think it’s relevant and because I think he deserves some level of anonymity, even though he has a successful online presence, is from Taichung, Taiwan. He is currently living in Singapore.

The background information listed here is from his Wealthy Affiliate bio page.

Jerry began his online business at the young age of 18 when he saw an advertisement for an online marketing program. He signed up, but this initial foray into the online business world was not very successful. The program he joined was more focused on getting his money through upsells than on helping him succeed online.

The turning point came when he discovered Wealthy Affiliate, and since it was advertised as FREE to join, he jumped in with a free starter account and began his training.

Jerry upgraded to premium after only a week and moved from monthly to yearly paid membership shortly after that.

Now, at the beginning of 2019, Jerry is consistently making a 4-figure monthly income online and has the goal of becoming a millionaire by the age of 25.

Jerry’s Philosophy

Jerry produced a video explaining his philosophy toward success and what he did to get where he is now (he qualified for the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference in 2018).

Jerry breaks his philosophy for success down into 3 steps.


Clarity, as Jerry defines it, is knowing what you want. He says that many people don’t reach the success they dream of because they don’t really know exactly what they want. The first step, then, to success is to have a clear idea of what your end game is, what you want to get or become in the end.


It’s not enough to know what you want, you have to know WHY you want it. Money itself is not the goal. It’s what you can do with money that is the goal. To say “I want to have a million dollars because it’d be cool to have a million dollars,” is not a good purpose for wanting to become a millionaire. Your purpose, what you want money FOR, is what’s important.

Think about what you want. An independent lifestyle, to be debt free, to be able to buy what you want and do what you want, to be able to help family and friends financially, these are the kind of purposes that Jerry talks about.


You can have a clear idea of what you want, and you can know why you want it and what you want to do with your success, and still never reach it.

You have to consistently work and apply yourself to creating the success you crave, and you have to be willing to sacrifice your time to work toward your goals. The harder you work and apply yourself, the faster you will become the success you want to be.

It’s The Same For Us All

You, me, the girl next door, unless we’ve got some other method of gaining wealth, like winning the lottery or inheriting it from rich uncle Fred, all are in the same boat. We have to work for a living.

I did the regular job thing for almost 40 years. I paid the bills, bought a house or two in my lifetime, raised a family, and did what people do. Now after all that time am I wealthy? Nope. I’m living on a decent retirement but I can’t go out and do the things I want to do or travel or buy nice things, because my fixed income won’t let me.

I can’t afford it.

Jerry was smart and decided to make the break from the grind of a regular job when he was still young. I’m making my break after retirement. There are things I want to do, things I want to see, and places I want to go, and they all take money. My choices are to go back to work again, or to go to work for myself like Jerry and start my own online business.

I’m with Jerry on this one.

I, like Jerry, found Wealthy Affiliate by reading a review about a program I was thinking about joining online that trained you to be a copywriter. The reviewer, who was also named Jerry (different guy), recommended that his readers should take a look at starting a monetized blog, and joining Wealthy Affiliate to get the training to succeed.

I saw the potential and signed up. Now I’m a premium member, still in the training, and building my method to success. I’ve learned the hard method that wishing for success won’t get you success. Work will. You can work slow and achieve success slowly, or you can work hard and achieve success method more quickly. The only method to fail is to quit.

Either method, you need to work smart. Good, up-to-date training is absolutely essential, and Wealty Affiliate offers that to members. Since 2005, when the platform began, WA has been growing along with its member to become one of the premier affiliate marketing training websites available online. There are others, and some are pretty good, but I don’t think any are better.

If you’re ready to break away from the “just getting by” crowd, if you want to have an online business that will earn you a high income while you sleep or do other things, then join me and take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. At least take the free training. You don’t have to give credit card information or anything like that to sign up for free. It’ll give you the chance to see it you want to go any further.

Thanks for reading my post. By the method, the FTC requires a notification that if a reader clicks on a link and ends up purchasing a product, the affiliate will be paid a commission. That commission doesn’t affect the price paid for the product.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think or ask any questions you may have.

I’m Grant.

Such an inspiring story for me. I was down in confidence and I think I came to the right website. This article with the Internet success story of Jerry gave me a lot of self confidence. I have also learned a lot from his successful business story.

Thank you so much for sharing this article.

I’m glad that you felt inspired from Jerry’s story.  I was too.  Good luck with your online business and I hope you reach your goals.

Hello Grant,

I am between you are Jerry. I am in my 30’s and building an online business to make sure I can be independent and live a good life. I am glad I started when I did but wish I had started sooner like Jerry! My goal is to “retire” early and not worry about money. So far, it is a struggle and my husband and I work multiple jobs just to get by. We bought a 4-plex and that is the start of our real estate portfolio. We now manage a 6-plex as well and can’t wait to buy another building of our own.

Our goal is to make a full time living from websites and property and be able to quit the regular jobs as soon as possible. I don’t know how many years it will take but we will keep going until we get there.

I am SO glad I started my own business online with niche websites. I can share what I am interested in, help others and make a profit all at the same time. Most importantly, it will mean financial freedom someday. I won’t be a millionaire by 25 like Jerry since I didn’t start young enough but hopefully I can gain my freedom before normal retirement age.


Thanks, Jessica.  I’m amazed the way guys like Jerry take to internet marketing so well.  I’m three time his age and I learn so much from him.  He’s a motivated person, that’s for sure.  Good luck to you.  You have a plan and you are making it work.  Good for you guys!

What a great tribute to a great online presence, Grant. Jerry is, indeed, an inspiration. And although I’m familiar with him, I didn’t know that much about his philosophies. He makes great points — especially about money itself not being the goal — and is, I’m sure we both agree, wise beyond his years. Like you, I’m a (ahem) wee bit older than Jerry, and sure wish some of today’s opportunities had been around when we were his age. But anyone can start where they are today and have a better life tomorrow for their efforts. It’s hard work to reach the kind of success Jerry has reached, but Wealthy Affiliate does make it as easy as it can possibly be. Best wishes, Grant, and keep spreading the word!

This article is so inspiring and especially motivating for me as I have been having a hard time staying consistent. I know what I want and I know what the purpose is but I struggle holding a full time job with attempts to balance life and then coming home and attempting to work on my site. Do you have any balancing tips? I know I need to switch things around, thanks for the great post!

Thanks for your comment, Alisha.  Don’t feel like you are the only one who struggles with consistency.  We all do.  Working full time and also trying to start a business is difficult and it takes a special kind of person to do it.  I’m confident that you’re that kind of person.  Just try to eliminate the waste, time wise, and be patient with yourself.  You only fail if you quit, so, even if you have to slow things down at times, stay with it and your success will come.

Hi Grant! This was so inspiring. As both you and Jerry I also found Wealthy affiliate through a review and I am so happy I did. I have followed the program step by step, I am only new to this but I am already seeing small steps of progress and I am super excited. I really like the “Clarity,Purpose and Consistency” It is like you say, very important to have a vision and a plan to get there and keep working at it.. I feel so inspired after reading this and it has given me more motivation. Thank you for a great post.

It was great to hear from you, Alexandra!  You sound like someone who will be able to reach your goals.  You are on the right track.  Remember, you only fail if you quit!  Hold on to that inspired feeling and go to work!


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