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Are People Really Successful Online?

I’ve asked myself that question many times, as I’m sure you have. We always hear about people making a 6-figure income online, and wonder, could I do it too?

Maybe you’ve tried and failed. I have. What is it about the successful ones that makes them rich? Are they just in the right place at the right time? Did they get in on the ground floor and so got a head start?

Did they start out successful, or did they have to work and work until they began to see results?

I’ve Decided To Look Into It.

I’m going to post as many success stories as I can find. I”m hoping that by doing so, I can find the common denominators and the inspiration to achieve my own success online, and begin to earn my own 6-figure income.

I plan to only use first names for the stories, both to somewhat protect the privacy of the subjects and also to make it more uniform. Last names aren’t really needed, I don’t think.

My First Success Story – Kyle

About a year and a half ago I joined an online training platform called Wealthy Affiliate, so it’s appropriate, I think, to use the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate as my first success story.

Before joining WA, I had not heard of Kyle. But one of the nice things about Wealthy Affiliate is that members are encouraged to write a profile about themselves so that other members can get to know them. From Kyle’s profile, I learned that he and co-founder Carson started the website called Wealthy Affiliate in September 2005, 13 years ago.

Their original site has grown and expanded over the years and has become one of the premier training sites for internet business success available today.

From its small beginnings to what is today, a site with somewhere close to a million members, has required continuous attention to the website and to the success of the people who enroll in it.

The Steps To Online Success

Kyle advocates three steps to online success. Those steps are:

  • Work Hard. Hard work has always been necessary for success, whether online or out in the world. Look around you. If you notice people, you can soon tell that there’s a relationship between a person’s willingness to work and his or her level of progress and success in life. Those who just do enough to get buy end up just getting by.
  • Create an Internet business. As computers and the internet have become more commonplace and familiar to us all, the process of creating an online business has never been easier. You can pursue a passion, hobby, or interest and turn it into your online business. You can also continue your education online, with sites such as Wealthy Affiliate, and improve your level of knowledge and learning. There are no restrictions on who can create an online business. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are (unless maybe you’re living off the grid, in which case you wouldn’t be reading this post). You can reach any level of success that you are willing to work for.
  • Get ahead in life. Your internet business will allow you to earn money and improve your quality of life. It will let you be happier, because you won’t have the stress of money woes. You will have more flexibility in your life and can focus more on family or travel or whatever interests you and your family.

Here’s Kyle’s post on reaching online success.

How Successful Is Kyle?

As far as I know, Kyle has not published an income report about his online income, at least I haven’t seen one. A little thought will give us an idea of what he might be earning, though.

While you can join for free, and stay free as long as you want, premium members pay either $49 per month for access to the complete training or can pay $395 for a yearly membership, which breaks down to just under $33 per month. I’m sure it’s a combination of the two, but for simplicity let’s take the lower number.

Again, I don’t know how much of the $395 yearly membership Kyle counts as income, since he has to pay his staff and such, but Let’s say he only keeps five percent. That’s $19.75 for each member. Not very much.

Here’s where the money comes in though. He’s got close to a million members!

Kyle himself says that one of every 12 or so will become a premium member. Now I know that he’s got over 800,000 people who’ve signed up. if only one in twelve pays, that’s about 67,000 premium members.

That’s an annual income of over $1,300,000!

I low balled the numbers, so I’m pretty sure that Kyle makes an annual income that’s higher than that.

The Genius of the Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Challenge

Wealthy Affiliate has a generous affiliate program, and any member who signs up someone else gets paid when that person enters the premium side of the training. The Las Vegas Challenge offers an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas for premium members who are able to sign up 300 new paid premium members within a calendar year.

Can you imagine the growth of WA as members seek to gain a trip to Las Vegas? The members who recruit these new premium members, even if they don’t reach 300, get paid for the ones that they do recruit, increasing their income.

As an added benefit, for those who sign up during the year or who aren’t making their goals, a secondary opportunity to earn the trip begins in September of each year, where members only need to sign up 100 paid members to win the trip.

I think that’s marketing genius!

So there you have it. My first post in my internet success stories line. I hope you enjoyed it. I encourage you to look into Wealthy Affiliate if you are considering starting an online business of your own. Just remember, as with any business, your success depends on your willingness to work hard for your own success. The get-rich-quick schemes that you will find online will only disappoint you.

The FTC requires that affiliate marketers notify their readers that if you, the reader, click on an affiliate link and purchase a product, the affiliate marketer will be paid a commission. That commission does not add to the price of the product purchased.

Again, thanks for reading. Feel free to leave me a comment if you’d like.

I’m Grant.

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