Is The Home Income System a Scam?

Is The Home Income System a Scam?

What Is The Home Income System?

I was researching online money making opportunities just the other day, and came across a link to a website promoting the Home Income System.

There are a lot if scams online. Also a lot of legitimate opportunities. Was the Home Income System a scam or a legitimate opportunity? Since I was curious, I clicked on the link and checked it out. When you click, you are taken to a sales page that has a video presentation for you to watch. Actually, there are two videos.

The First Video

I watched the video, which was 10 or 15 minutes long, and the narrator spent most of the time talking about how you could make money, up to $397 per day, with the system that they wanted you to sign up for.

As I watched, a couple of red flags started to creep into my mind. The first red flag was that one of the things that the video kept saying was that there were only a few openings available, so I’d better take advantage of the opportunity right away.

The first video never explained what the “opportunity” was, which was red flag #2, and at the end of the video a sign-up form popped up, requesting my name, phone number, and email address.The narrator said that the pop-up was proof that there were still openings available and, again, I needed to take advantage now because if I waited and came back later the openings might be gone.

That sign-up form was another red flag. That made at least three. I had to give out personal information before I could learn what the Home Income System was all about.

After some thought, telling myself that I was doing research for this post, I finally gave up my information and nervously filled out the form.

The Second Video

The filled-out form triggered the second video, which gave me better info on what the Home Income System was. There were more red flags to come in this video.

Finally, in this second video, I learned what the opportunity was. It was “link posting,” a form of affiliate marketing. According to the video, all I had to do was join and I would be trained how to make up to $397 a day posting links for major corporations. I could be making money as soon as the first day.

I don’t know where they got the $397 top limit, but I think that they just pulled it out of the air.

Somewhere in this video they ask you not to tell anybody about their link posting opportunity. Secrecy? What’s that all about if they have nothing to hide?

They say that there are thousands of major corporations looking for people to post affiliate links for them, but then say that there only limited openings available.

Finally, at the end, the narrator got around to revealing the cost. Of course, she said that the system was worth thousands of dollars, but that nobody could afford that, so they had to offer a lower price.

The final price turned out to be $197, but the narrator was willing to pay $100 of that herself for you, because she was just a good person, I guess, and she would make it back from your commissions. But the program is not MLM.

Anyway, the cost to start is $97.

That’s when I closed the link and left the page. Both videos are “high pressure” sales videos. They tell you if you don’t sign right up, there may not be any openings left when you finally come back to join, and also they might start charging $30/month for new members so you’d better sign up now to avoid that.

Here’s a You Tube video review of the Home Income System. It’s a little long, over 11 minutes, but it’s a good review.

Then I Started To Remember…

Something about the Home Income System was gnawing at the back of my mind, and it finally started to become clear. Here’s what I began to remember:

Have you ever been online reading news or opinion stories, and out of curiosity decided to check out the comments? It can be entertaining, to say the least. People really show their true colors.

Anyway, the more controversial the article, the more expressive the comments. So picture yourself reading comments, some pro, some con, and suddenly there is a “comment” that isn’t a comment on the article at all, but starts out something like “Find out how I made $10,000 last week and bought a new car. This link will show you how…”

How annoying is that?! Does anyone ever click on the link? I never have.

Not only are this kind of comments annoying, but they are spam, and don’t last very long before the moderator deletes them.

That’s an example of link posting. I believe that those who use the Home Income System use other people’s posts and websites to put their affiliate links in the comments.

I’ve had to delete scores of such comments from some of my posts. Have you?

There’s A Better Way To Do Affiliate Marketing.

Rather than paying good money to join a program so you can annoy people by spamming their post and websites, or their social media pages, why not start a legitimate affiliate marketing business?

Above board (not shady) affiliate marketing training can be found at Wealthy Affiliate. WA offers superb training in all aspects of starting and running a successful affiliate marketing business.

It’s my #1 recommendation.

As a nice bonus, Wealthy Affiliate lets you sign up for FREE, and lets you have your first 10 lessons and two websites for free as well.

That will give you a chance to get started, and to see for yourself if the training and the business model is something that will be of worth or value to you.

You don’t want to waste your money on something you don’t find any value in, or something that ends up being a scam, do you? Take the free training, and even if you decide not to pay for the premium training, you’ve learned something valuable about affiliate marketing, and you have your own website.

Thanks for reading my post. This post contains affiliate links, and the FTC requires that I disclose to you that if you click on an affiliate link and purchase something, then I will be paid a commission. That’s how affiliate marketing works.

If you are interested in Wealthy Affiliate’s free Starter program, tap on the banner and you’ll be taken to the sign-up page. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Leave me a comment if you want to.

I’m Grant.

Home income system may not be a scam but they are probably not disclosing all of the information that you need in order to be successful in affiliate marketing and posting links. Did you go through any part of the program and is there anything that is different in this program than other similar programs?

They don’t mention anything about building a website.  From my understanding, you post links in the comments section of other people’s articles.  I’ve actually seen this happen on the political sites that I like to visit.  There will be a comment string going, with people calling each other names and disagreeing loudly (if you can do that with a comment), and suddenly there will be this comment about making money and a link posted.

If it isn’t a scam, it’s surely spam.  They say that they are ethical but I’m dubious.


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