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Keyword Research Is The Life Blood Of Online Marketing
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Keyword Research Is The Life Blood Of Online Marketing


Keyword are the words you type into the little search box on Google or one of the other search engines like Yahoo! or Bing, in order to find what you are looking for online.  We do it so much that we don’t really think about it.  We type in what we want, hit search, and get a big list of websites to browse.

The owners of those websites DO think about keywords, A LOT.  There are so many websites, and competition is so fierce, that those who snooze, lose.  Website owners are ALWAYS trying to figure out what you or I are going to type into the search box in order to match your entry and thus get higher rankings.

Because rankings mean a lot, too.  Think about it.  How many pages do you look at when searching a subject?  One or two? More?  Just the first page?  Maybe just the first two or three listings on the first page.  If my website advertising my super duper product winds up on page 15, is anybody going to see it?

See, that’s the thing.  If a website doesn’t at least make the first page, then chances are it won’t be found or looked at much.  Clicks mean customers, therefore no clicks means no customers.  Hence the importance of keywords.

Website owners place keywords in their content so that the search engines can find them and match them to the keywords you type into the search box.  They research keywords to find the ones that they hope work the best.

JAAXY Is A Superb Keyword Research Tool

If you are going to use a tool to research keywords, there aren’t any better out there than JAAXY.  If you were to hit and miss your keywords manually, you could maybe luck into some good ones, but how are you going to know how many times those keywords are searched per day, by how many people, and how many other websites are competing for those same keywords?

You need a tool like JAAXY to help you optimize your keyword research.

Who Created The Jaaxy Research Tool?

It was created by Kyle and Carson, the same guys who brought us the best affiliate marketing university on the web, Wealthy Affiliate.  They created an integrated keyword search tool for Wealthy Affiliate members, but saw the need, and thus the opportunity, for a similar keyword tool available to those who do not belong to Wealthy Affiliate.  They named their keyword tool Jaaxy and made it available to everyone.

What Does JAAXY Do For You?

Keyword Research

Let’s look at the categories.

  • Avg (Monthly Searches – the average number of searches that keyword has per month, on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing combined.  I recommend a minimum of 50 monthly searches for the keyword listed.
  • Traffic – this is the monthly traffic you will see if your site ranks on the first page of the search engine.  This is the lowest estimated traffic for that keyword, so your results could be higher.
  • QSR – stands for Quoted Search Results and tells you how many other sites are competing for the same keyword or keyword chain.  JAAXY’s keyword algorithm is state-of-the-art and provides up-to-the-minute, reliable information.  The lower the QSR is, the better.  Look for low-hanging keywords, which are less than 100 if you are new and trying to crack the list to get on the first page.  Under 300 should be your cut-off.
  • KQI – means Keyword Quality Indicator.  Green means good, yellow ok, red poor.
  • SEO power – ranked on a scale from 0 to 100, this number indicates how well the listed keywords rank with search engines.  Look for a higher number, at least above 80.
  • Domain Search – lets you know if there are exact match domain names for eight different domain extensions (.com, .org, etc) available for your keyword
  • Related Keywords – allows you to see alternative forms of your keyword to help you with your research


Besides Keyword Research, JAAXY Also Provides You With The Following Extra Features

Site Rank – You can see how well your post or site is ranking with the search engines, and check out your competition.

Alphabet Soup – This feature allows you to use Google to add all the letters of the alphabet to your keywords, based on actual searches, to give you even more ideas.

Saved Lists – You can make lists of your keywords by category and save them by topic to make it easier to find them later.

Search History – This lets you see what you’ve done in the past even if you didn’t save your keywords to a list.

Search Analysis – Lets you see the top 10 sites listed on the search engines for your keywords.  This helps with competitiion research.  You can research those sites and learn their form and techniques, study their links, etc.

Affiliate Program – JAAXY has a great affiliate program and you can advertise it on your own websites and earn commissions for those who sign up for Pro or Enterprise.  There is no commission paid for the free plan.

Brainstorm – This feature helps you find relevant topics to write about by following trends on Google Trends, Yahoo! Buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers, and Twitter Trends.

How Do You Use It?

It’s really pretty simple.  After you sign up, whenever you log in you are taken to the keyword research page.  Just enter the keywords you want ot research in the box and start your search.  It’s user friendly.

The Cost?

Initially, nothing.  The Free Plan, is exactly that, free.  It’s limited though.  It gives you 30 free searches, which you can go through in the first day if you’re working hard.  This is for the new online marketer.

The Pro Plan costs $49/Month.  This plan takes the limits off and speeds things up.  Unlimited searches, QSR, SEO power analyxis, and more.

The Enterprise Plan is $99/Month.  Speed is even faster, and you now get data sorting and more results listed for Alphabet Soup searches, among other features .  Here’s the comparison.

membership options

Great News!  Wealthy Affiliate has just integrated JAAXY into the Premium member benefits!  Now premium members get a free version of JAAXY, and huge discounts of the Pro and Enterprise versions! See the screenshot below for details!

Read the full announcement here.

Is JAAXY Worth It?

YES!  Unless you’re just starting out and funds are an issue.  For the beginner, then, I’d say no, unless $49 per month is not a problem for you.  It takes time to build up a good, earning website, and during that time you won’t be earning a lot, unless you’re lucky.  Wealthy Affiliate has a good free research tool, but you have to be a premium member to really take advantage of it, which is also $49/month, or you can save some by signing up for $359 per year.  The difference, and it’s a significant difference to me, is that with Wealthy Affiliate you get excellent training courses to lead you to success too.

Update:  Now that JAAXY has been integrated into the premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you can take advantage of a free version for premium members and get greatly reduced prices for Pro and Enterprise also!

If you’re an established marketer with a website (or more thatn one) bringing in money, then JAAXY can be a wise choice, with either the Pro or Enterprise plans.  I don’t think you’ll find a better tool online to help you boost your rankings with the search engines.

You can sign up for JAAXY HERE.

Thanks for reading.  Please comment if you wish.




This is interesting. i like the way you linked wealthy affiliates to jaaxy. it is a great tool but did not know it was created by kyle and Carson. I also noticed the jaaxy tool integration into wealthy affiliates i was so excited as my free member searches got exhausted. Thank you for this article

I have been weighing out potential keyword tools and have thus far looked into SEM Rush and Long Tail Pro. I also considered using googles keyword planner as I am on a tight budget but would like to know how Jaaxy compares to the google keyword planner.

Your insights would be appreciated,


Hi, Jessie.  About the best advice I could give you is to do a comparison.  I know that Jaaxy has a free trial for 30 searches.  I haven’t used the other tools you mention so I can’t say anything about them.  For me, Jaaxy makes sense because I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s their in-house tool, and a great one at that.  Since I’m paying as a premium member of WA, I can use it at no extra cost, unless I want to upgrade.  I see no reason to do that, though.  Pick the one that’s best for you.  If you are an affiliate marketer, you might take a look at Wealthy Affiliate if you haven’t already.  Thanks for the comment.

Hey really good article and very informative, i have learned really fast how important keyword research is and how much it matters. I wasnt very good with my keywords in the beginning but now i have been using jaxxy a lot and i have a couple of article on the first page of google for my key words so im making improvements!


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