Knowledge Is The New Money

Knowledge Is The New Money
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If People Believed That, They Would Pay More Attention In School!

Maybe a better way to say it is this:

Knowledge Opens The Door To Money!

That makes more sense to me.

Remember the old Gunsmoke episodes, or the Bonanza episodes, or the whatever western episodes, where the dirt farmer Dad didn’t want his kid wasting time going to school because there were chores to do back on the farm? He thought that book learning was a waste of time and a dirt farmer didn’t need it.  The schoolmarm had to almost beat the guy over the head to get him to let his son get educated.

I hope those days are long gone.  Maybe back then a dirt farmer didn’t need to know about irrigation, crop rotation, weather cycles, fertilizers, and other advances in agriculture to eke out a living.  Maybe that’s why the best that they could do was only eke out a living.

The old dirt farmer’s focus was all wrong!  Instead of wanting to learn better ways of doing things, or getting the knowledge he needed to make his life easier and more successful, he was content to plod along doing things the way he learned from his own father.

Shouldn’t The Goal Be To PROSPER?

Ekeing out a living isn’t all that popular nowdays.  Now we all want more.  We want to eke out a comfortable living.  There are still plenty of people in the world who are happy living at or slightly above the poverty level, at least in the United States, where I’m at.  I can’t speak for other countries, but here in the good old USA being poor is not life threatening.

According to research, more than half the poor Americans, by US government standards, would be middle income just about anywhere else in the world.  That’s why some retirees are moving to Costa Rica.  Their money goes a lot farther there.

Why are some people content earning a living instead of making a life?

I Think It All Comes Down To Effort.

The opportunities to learn are out there.  If you can’t afford to go to school, you can go to the library.  There are a lot of free courses and books online.

We are not at the point, yet, where you can put the book under your pillow and absorb the knowledge while you sleep. You have to do some work to learn.  And, you have to commit the time.

When you decide to learn, to gain knowledge on your own, the cool thing is that you get to decide what it is that you want to learn.  You don’t have to take courses you don’t like and that you think are a waste of time.  You can focus your learning for maximum benefit.

That’s when the door to Money starts to open!  That’s when you start to gain the knowledge and learn the techniques that can change your life!

Here’s How I’m Doing It.

I wanted to make money online.  I began by selling stuff on eBay.  In fact, I’m still doing that.  With eBay, though, you can only sell an item once, and get paid once.  But I wanted something that would keep on bring in money more than just once, something of value to people that more than one person could take advantage of, bringing me income for each sale.

I Decided to Sell Knowledge.

More specifically, I decided to sell the opportunity for people to learn how to earn a good income online by their signing up with an internet marketing training platform that would give them the knowledge and guidance they needed to succeed with their own online businesses.

Is That A Great Idea or What?

Here’s how it happened for me.  I was looking at reviews for a place called AWAI, which taught how to become a copywriter, and how to get clients, write copy for them, and get paid.  At the end of that review, which was pretty positive, the writer suggested a better way.  Instead of only getting paid once for writing copy for someone else, why not learn how to write copy for yourself, and maybe earn from that copy several times over?

Wealthy Affiliate Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Online.

Ok, that brings up the question, what is affiliate marketing, and what is Wealthy Affiliate?  I know, that’s two questions. I’ll answer them both.

Affiliate marketing is a business where you, as the affiliate, market or advertise products from a company who has accepted you as an affiliate.  Usually you have a content website as your method of getting the products to the public.

When a customer visits your website and clicks on your link to the product, he or she is taken to the company’s website for that product where he, or she, can purchase that product.  When they do, you earn a commission.  Depends on the product whether your commission is big or small, but the internet is so huge that pretty much everyone in the world can buy from anywhere.

Example:  I just bought some neoprene cycling booties online from Great Britain, after first looking at some from Spain.

I hope now you basically know what affiliate marketing is.

Now for Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that teaches you, step by step, how to become a successful affiliate marketer.  Even a super affiliate, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars per month, if you have the desire and are willing to put in the effort.

You can start for free, and get 2 free websites in the bargain.

The free Starter Plan gives you ten free lessons to get you going.  You don’t have to put in a credit card number to sign up, just fill out a short profile and you’re up and running.

For the first week, you get access to the Premium (paid) level, to give you a chance to see if you want to upgrade, and to see what is available if you want it.  If you don’t want it, you can stay in the starter plan as long as you want, but that won’t happen if you are serious about building a successful online business.

Here’s The Thing…

Get Rich Quick schemes only take your time and your money.  They don’t get you rich.  You have to put in the work and the study and the training to be successful.  Like any business, you have to build an affiliate marketing business and that takes some time.  Wealthy Affiliate can give you the training and the knowledge.  You have to learn and apply it.

If  you do, you CAN and WILL succeed!  If you want it for yourself, start NOW!  Clicking on the banner will take you to the Wealthy Afiliate sign-up page and you can get started.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.  Leave a comment if you’d like, and subscribe to my blog using the box on the right sidebar.




Great post! I agree, “Knowledge opens the door to money.” That makes sense to me. Without knowledge, you have nothing to offer to get money. Great point. There are a lot of people who just want to keep doing what they are doing, expecting different or better results. It won’t happen. You have to change things up in order to get different results.

I totally agree, it all comes down to effort. You have to be willing to learn and work in order to succeed. And it’s better to work smart and be willing to change the way you do things to get different results.

I’m also a Wealthy Affiliate member. It’s the best place to learn how to succeed online. They provide everything a person needs in one place.

Thanks for promoting such a trustworthy opportunity.



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