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So, What’s A Keyword?

That might sound like a dumb question to anybody who has been online at all, but really most of the online world uses keywords all the time without realizing what they are and how they work.  The fact is, though, that the internet runs on keywords.  

We’ve all used that little  search box on Google or Yahoo or some other search engine when we want to find something. That little box is where we type in the keywords that will take us to the website we are looking for, or will take us to a list of sites that we can choose from to find the information or product we want.

We do it all the time, right?

impressions and clicks and conversions, oh my

Well, have you noticed that there are pages and pages of websites listed for just about any search you make?  How many pages back do YOU go when you are making a search?  Most people stay on the first page.

So, your goal, if you have an online business with your own website, is to get your site listed on that first page of the search engine, right?  Well how do you do that?

That’s the problem most bloggers or new web stores have.  It doesn’t do you much good to have a great website if it’s listed on page 27 of the search listings. Or, even on page 7.  Most people don’t even look down at the 7th listing on the 1st page.  No one will ever find your great website.

Keyword Research Is The Life Blood Of Online Marketing

Somehow you have to get noticed by the search engines and get your website listed on that first page of websites listed.  If you’re new, though, you can’t compete with the established sites and the big enterprises because the search engines don’t think your site is as important as they are.

That’s where keywords and keyword research can help you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what is going to move you up in the listings, and you can optimize your site with your use of keywords.  Search engines scan your posts and pages for keywords, and when a visitor types in keywords that most match the ones you use, they you move up the ladder.

With keyword research you can find keywords and keyword phrases that have lower competition but reasonable traffic, and you can use those in your posts to move you up the search lists.

Here’s an example.  I typed the keywords “Green Tangerine” into Google’s search box.  Here’s what came up on the first page:

This search yielded 6,910,000 results. (Sorry about the fuzzy screenshot, by the way.)

Most of the first page results are about the Green Tangerine Spa, nothing to do with the fruit.

Then I typed in the words “unripe tangerine” and got this:

This second search got about 168,000 results.  A much smaller number, meaning less competition, and the search results were about the fruit, not the spa

.  Take my word for it, the screenshot is fuzzy again.  If I had a business selling tangerines in their green or unripe stage, the second search keywords would be much better.

So, you need to find a keyword tool that will let you search keywords and will give you information on the number of searches done monthly with the keywords listed, also site traffic and competition (how many other websites are using the same keywords).

Your goal is to find keywords that have a reasonable number of searches monthly, with adequate site traffic and lower competition.

For example, if your keywords show 5000 searches per month and 500 site visitors, but the competition is 350, your website would be mixed in with 350 other websites.  Your chances of being on the first page are slim.

I look for keywords with over 50 searches and site visitors over 20, which is pretty low, but I also look for QSR below 100.  That reduces the competition by quite a bit, and increases my rankings over time.  The key is to find keyword combinations that have the highest search an visitor numbers to the lowest competition number that you can.

What Else Can You Do To Improve Traffic Using Keywords?

Once you have written and published your article using keywords that rank, go back to it after a while and update it.  Look for keyword variations on the main keywords you used and then re-write your post using these keyword variations.

When you update a post, don’t forget to take that URL to Google Search Console and have it re-scanned.  That will update it with the search engine and give it new life.

In fact, you should periodically update all your posts to keep them current and refreshed.

Here’s a short (under 5 minutes) You Tube video by Niel Patel that will also help with using keywords to attract more visitors to your website.

Jaaxy is a great keyword tool.

How Do People Find My Blog?

Jaaxy is the premier keyword tool created by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.  It was specifically designed for ease of use and to provide quality keyword research results for optimum success.  Jaaxy comes standard with a Wealthy Affiliate membership (free to join) and works very well with the platform.  There is a paid upgrade too if you want it.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, and are looking for excellent training on how to make money with that business method, then one of the best training platforms online today is Wealthy Affiliate (WA).  I’ve been a member for nearly 3 years, and have reviewed WA and also reviewed a few other websites that offer affiliate marketing training.

For my money, WA is at the top of the heap.  There’s no better training online for making money with affiliate marketing.

Since it’s free to join, why not sign up and check it out?  You get 10 free lessons before you need to upgrade.  That should be sufficient training to let you decide if you want to continue or not.

You can sign up by tapping on a link or on the banner.

This post contains affiliate links.  The FTC requires me to tell you that, and that if you click on a link and end up purchasing a product, I will earn a commission.

That, in a nutshell, explains how affiliate marketing works.

I’m Grant.  Leave me a comment if you’d like.


This was a great post! Jaaxy is a very important tool in my life. I’ve tried to find a better keyword research tool before, but I came to the conclusion that Jaaxy is industry leading when it comes to keyword research.

Your article explains perfectly how to effectively select keywords; ultimately, allowing you to get great rankings in Google.

Should I be concerned about the SEO number within Jaaxy?

Hi, Kevin, and thanks for the comment.  Regarding your question, I don’t think I’m the one to give you an answer because I’m still in the free trial part of Jaaxy.  I mostly use the WA keyword tool.  I agree that Jaaxy is better but until I can pay for it with my web earnings, I’m using the free tool.  Good luck in your life!

Thank you for such a well explained article about keyword marketing and the importance of understanding what the competition is for a keyword. This is critical for anyone who wants to use SEO to promote their website and get it ranking on the first few pages of google. Keyword marketing is big business these days too, with many consultants just specializing in this area. Thanks for sharing, Cheers, Karen


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