My Wealthy Affiliate Review, 2019 Update

My Wealthy Affiliate Review, 2019 Update
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Wealthy Affiliate Changed During 2018

When I wrote my initial review of Wealthy Affiliate, I was a fairly new member of the website. Shortly after, the site was updated with a new and improved user experience, and several other changes. I’ll try to go over some of those changes in this post.

Before I do, here’s a 30-minute walk-through video of the new website experience you may want to watch. I couldn’t embed the video in this post, but this link will take you to the post that has the video, It’s near the beginning of Carson’s post.

Changes Since January, 2018

Here are some of the main changes to the Wealthy Affiliate website that have occurred in the past year (2018)

  • The video platform has been updated (January)
  • A new main menu was implemented along with full integration with the JAAXY keyword research tool (February)
  • A new and updated internal blogging platform for all WA members (March)
  • The navigation of the entire website was updated with a new user experience (UX) upgrade (May)
  • The homepage and website pages were updated (May)
  • The Ambassador program for WA members was updated. WA ambassadors earn the designation and have the responsibility of helping newer members (June)
  • SSL for all members (August)
  • Site Speed Extreme and caching improvements have been implemented (August)
  • Site Comments 2.0, an improved method of commenting on member’s posts (September)
  • A mobile friendly version of Wealthy Affiliate has been added (September)

How Do All These Changes Work?

The user experience has been simplified drastically. Carson, one of the founders of the Wealthy Affiliate website, explains in good detail in the same post that contains the walk-through video.

The streamlining of the menus and the improved site navigation have made moving around on the site much more intuitive. It’s more logical and easier to find what you’re looking for.

It’s great that the site is more user-friendly, but my question was about the training offered.

Has The Training Been Updated?

Yes it has. While the lessons are mostly the same, they have been updated to reflect changes in technology and the presentation has been updated. Here’s a screenshot of what’s offered at Starter level 1, the free training at Wealthy Affiliate.

Compare the above screenshot with the old level one menu below.

As you can see, the lessons follow the same order and are named the same. They are brought up to date with the changes in the internet and in marketing over the last dozen years or so. I wrote a post about what’s offered in the free Starter Program. Take a look if you’re interested.

Looking for a great pair of sneakers? Check these out!

The method of payment has been updated with more options.

Up until this year, there were only two options for paying for the advanced training at Wealthy Affiliate. You could pay monthly or yearly. If you wanted to pay monthly, the cost was $49 per month, and if you were sure you wanted to commit to your online business, yearly was $359 per year.

Those prices haven’t changed. What’s changed is a 6-month option, the membership fee being $234 for the 6 months. Take a look at the following graphic:

As you can see, both the 6-month and the yearly fees save money over the monthly cost. The 6-month option was instituted for those who wanted to commit for a longer time, but couldn’t afford the $359 annual membership fee.

The Annual Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference

Something that I didn’t mention in my initial Wealthy Affiliate review was the annual WA super affiliate conference in Las Vegas.

It’s a pretty BIG deal! Here’s what it’s about:

Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program, which is a no-brainer for an affiliate marketing training website. Members who want to promote WA and bring in new members can earn recurring commissions on the members who advance from the free training to the paid training, which all do who are serious about earning an income with affiliate marketing online.

Take a look at the above screenshot. It explains the commission structure for those who choose to market the Wealthy Affiliate experience. Even those in the free Starter Program can earn commissions, and the commissions recur as long as the referral continues to pay for his or her Wealthy Affiliate membership.

With 300 paid referrals in a year, your commissions would add up to over $50,000. And, once they join and begin to have success in affiliate marketing, many members continue for several years.d

As an incentive, those who are able to bring in 300 paying members in a year are accepted to the all-expense-paid conference, which is now in its 10th year.

It’s a great experience, lasts for three days, and is held in February for those who qualified for the previous year. My goal is to make it for the first time this year (2019). There are those who have attended several times, and they all rave about the experience. Here’s a link to the 2018 conference.

Each conference offers lots of perks, including gourmet meals, Las Vegas activities, and SWAG.

It’s a conference, though, not just a play date. Super affiliates meet and get to know each other, and discuss ways to improve Wealthy Affiliate and their own websites.

So there are some meetings amid all the fun.

I’ve chosen the MMO (Make Money Online) niche for one of my websites which is why I’m promoting Wealthy Affiliate. A nice side benefit is that it’s one of the BEST, if not THE best, websites teaching people how to become successful, income earning bloggers.

The FTC monitors the web, and they have mandated that anyone in affiliate marketing must disclose to a visitor who clicks on a link and ends up purchasing a product that the affiliate will earn a commission.

Thanks for reading my post. After almost 2 years I still think that Wealthy Affiliate is great!. I know that there are other websites that offer training on making money with a blog, many of them very good, but WA is my choice.

I hope you join me.

I’m Grant.

Wow! Grant… these changes are great. I was familiar with the Wealthy Affiliate platform long ago, have seen quite a few reviews before and considered joining myself. 

However, it seems that they have updated a great deal of their site to catch up with the times. It seems they are far ahead of the competition in this field actually.

Would you recommend Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting platform? I know it exists, but aside from the university and training I think I’m more interested in what the site hosting has to offer. GoDaddy and FastDomain have been pretty weak options in my opinion. I’m kind of sick of no help answering my questions, etc. 

It seems Wealthy Affiliate’s community from your last review would be a great place for bouncing ideas around, any perspective there?



Thanks for the comment, Dalton. Good to hear from you. In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best hosting platforms available. You can’t go wrong with it.

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for almost six months now and it is really good to know about these changes that have been taken place since 2018. This article has listed all the changes and how it can be more useful for the users. Thank you so much for sharing this article. 

Wealthy affiliate keeps improving, it keeps getting robust and better everyday. The site owners are doing an amazing job to ensure that life is made easier for every user, whether you are a premium or free starter. That is the beauty, almost everything that you will need to succeed online is available on the platform. In summary, they have succeeded in lowering the entry barrier into online businesses.

Wealthy affiliate has been awesome and wished I had known this site earlier, it’s one of the best platform I have seen that sincerely gives it’s members chance to build their online empire and the same time earn lots of cash, ever since I joined wealthy affiliate I have had had financial freedom. So happy to be among this wonderful community.

Grant, excellent post on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and all the changes that occurred in 2018! I think all the changes were vast improvements and I am excited to see what is coming up in 2010! You mentioned your goal is to go to Vegas next year, how are you doing so far?

Really great changes have been implemented at Wealthy Affiliate. This had made the program more successful for all parties. Especially with the introduction of site comments 2.0 which helps new members keep up with their resubscription fee. Seeing that anyone can sign up for free, I think it should be given a try. We hope for bigger changes in 2019!!

Kind regards 

It is always a privilege to read reviews from an experience and older member of wealthy affiliate, it makes me have a feeling am in a save hands. All this you mentioned in the article about all the improvement on the website is true. 

i don’t have the privilege to see the previous website before the upgrade. But this present upgrade is user friendly 

Everything I found out about wealthy affiliates is just amazing. Starting from the starter membership to premium membership, the online entrepreneur certification has been awesome. The user experience in website building, the technical support team has been apt and so responsive. Time would fail me to write more about my pleasures on wealthy affiliates. 

Hey Grant,

Great review!  I have heard some good stuff about Wealthy Affiliate! One thing I’ve read before is how amazing the support is that you receive as a member. In your honest opinion, is it as good as they say?

I like all the additions and updates you talked about. Concerning Las Vegas, how do you qualify do go on that trip? That sounds like a cool bonus!

Thanks for the info and updates!

Shiloh Griffin

Hi, Shiloh.  I like your name.  As far as  your queastion about support, the community is really great.  I haven’t had to use site support for any issues yet, but I understand that they are awesome too.  

To qualify for the Vegas trip, you have to recruit 300 premium (paying) members to WA to make the trip.

Thank you for the review of Wealthy Affiliate and all the changes that occurred in 2018. I like the way that you showed the commission scale. which is an eye grabber. That is the ultimate goal to make it to Las Vegas. I myself would like to get there one day. Keep up the good work looking forward to more post. And maybe an update on how your progress towards vegas is coming along.   

Thank you for commenting on my post, Geoffrey.  I’m glad you liked my WA review update.  I’m working toward Vegas but I’m in the early stages of my business so we’ll have go see how it goes.

Hi Grant,

Good job on pointing out in a very detailed way, those changes that Wealthy Affiliate has made. As a newbie, I wouldn’t know how it was prior to joining if not for your review. 

With your detailed review, there’s no more navigating some where else for more information as everything has been laid out here. And the video link was very helpful too as I just recently joined WA, so it’s nice to see that video.

Thank you for this wonderful review.


I started following wealthy affiliate a long time ago. The updates to the platform are simply amazing and it has really improved the user experience of the platform. Navigation is now so much easier and the platform no longer looks clustered like it ones was.

The founders must be working hard to make the platform user-friendly as much as they can and I am really proud to be a member of such a platform.

As always Wealthy Affiliate comes to the party. They are constantly working on improvements to help their members become even more successful. 

I have been a member for a few years now and they are one of the few platforms out there who get better and better with time.  Belong to this community has been such a privilege over the years. 

Thanks for commenting on my post, Michel.  Wealthy Affiliate indeed has been improving the user experience over time instead of resting on their laurels.  It’s nice to know that I belong to a program that is always trying to become better and offer up-to-the-minute improvements and innovations for us to use.  Good luck in your experience with WA!  

Hi, thanks for your update on changes that has taken place on Wealthy Affiliate. I have been privileged to watch some of the videos in the platform between January 2019 february 2019. I must say that the videos are great, they are practical enough and help one to know exactly how to perform some tasks that comes with the training.

The navigation of the site is great and flexible enough  for newbies to navigate. My experience on WA platform since I joined, has been a pleasant one.

Hello, Gracen.  Thanks for taking time out of your valuable day to comment on my post.  I gather from your words that you have been able to spend some time with WA and the training offered.  I hope you are finding success in your efforts and I wish you the best.  

Hi! I really appreciate this list of changes that Wealthy Affiliate has gone through since 2018 to this day. And the ones I find will be the most important are: the mobile friendly version of Wealthy Affiliate and the improvements concerning  Site Speed.

I have been reading reviews of Wealthy Affiliate for quite a long time. But this post, and the updates you mention, have encouraged me and kindled my enthusiasm. 

Thanks, Henry.  Great comment.  Sounds like you have been around awhile and have done your homework regarding Wealthy Affiliate.  After almost 2 years I also think that it’s an outstanding platform for affiliate marketing.  Best of luck to you.

Wow, that’s a lot of interesting changes. What’s really cool is the new payment options. It’s not always easy to come up with that much money for a yearly membership, but almost 50 bucks a month is no joke either. The six month option is very appealing and gives a person the option to save a little more money for a yearly membership before that six month period ends. Or if they still don’t have enough, they can just get another six months and keep playing it by ear. I like all the training they offer, especially for beginners. Haven’t seen anything that can beat that yet. Thanks for sharing!

I appreciate your comment, Mark.  And you’re right about the six-month payment option.  It gives people another way to pay and a chance to save a little money while getting started.  Lots of great training too, like you said.

Thank you Grant for sharing ¨My Wealthy Affiliate Review, 2019 Update¨.  You mention one way to earn money is to refer people to Wealthy Affiliate and you present a table showing commissions being $8 for the first month, $19 for special offers, then $23.50 thereafter and so on and so forth.

There is also another way to make money in WA which is  by making comments on other members´ websites. You first had to become a certified commenter and the criterion is to offer 50 comments on a 30 day history. Once you are a certified commenter you are paid $0.50 cash for any other comment you offer. This is very beneficial for newbies who want to pay premium membership ($49) this way.

An example:
10 quality comments a day is all you need

That´s 300 comments a month – 50 to qualify = 250 / 2 = 125 @ .50 = $62.50

Unfortunately, this may change because according to Kyle there isn´t enough cash in the system

Thanks for your comment, Enrique.  I know about earning money with Site Comments, but so far I don’t have time to do so much commenting, and when I do have the time, there aren’t many post to comment on.  I’ll keep working on it though. 

Hey, Grant.  Good review update.  I have been a member of WA for 3 1/2 years now and am constantly amazed and inspired by how hard Kyle and Carson work to make our experience with the platform better and continue to update the training which helps us have a better chance at success.

They truly do have our best interests at heart.

There are further improvements coming this year as well and I can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon.

One improvement I want to mention is a way to make some money inside the WA platform and that is by offering comments on other members websites through the site comments area.  A great way to pay it forward and earn a little extra to help pay for your membership or?. A great idea.

All the best as you continue this amazing journey,


Hi, Wayne.  Thanks for your comment.  I know that some money can be made using the site comments platform but it takes a little time.  I’ve not had a lot of success with it, mostly as I said because of the time factor.  50 comments are a lot for me.  Still, it’s an opportunity to make some money.


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