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How Do People Find My Blog?
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Do you have a blog?


Or, do you want to start your own blog?  Starting the blog is the easy part.  There are a lot of sites that will get you set up with a blog, and there are tons of people who have jumped in and started a blog.

People have interests.  They have things that they like to talk, or write, about.  That’s the essense of a blog.  Someone wants to write about their favorite subjects, like gardening, or cats, or flowers.  So they start a blog.

Well good for them.  I have a blog too, and you’re reading it now.

Before going any farther, I want to differentiate between two kinds of blogs.

  • Social blogs
  • Monetized blogs

Social blogs are the blogs people write just to talk about their favorite subjects, and to write back-and-forth with people with the same likes, or dislikes.  I’ve had a couple of those from time to time.  Have you?

Monetized blogs are the ones that are the backbone of an online business, and are written to get people involved in the business as customers.  For these blogs, quality content is critical to success.  It’s still a blog, but engaging readers is much more important than just yakking away about your favorite subjects.

Here’s what happens with most blogs:

This applies to either kind of blog. You start off great.  Maybe you are writing a post every day.  You tell your friends, and some of them read your blog, and some of them comment on your posts.  Life is good.

After a while, you begin to slow down.  You discover that it’s not easy to come up with good, interesting posts every time.  If you have a social blog, it’s no big deal, and you know it’s no big deal, and what usually happens is that eventually the blog peters out.  If you blog socially, you realize that it’s easier to just use facebook or other social media.  A lot of blogs died when Facebook and Twitter came along.  Instead of trying to keep posting, people saw that they could post on facebook whenever they wanted, and have a ready audience, or post a tweet the same way.

There are dead blogs all over the web.

If you are trying to monetize your blog, you are in a different situation.  You have found a niche that you are trying to make money with by blogging.  Most of these blogs are involved in affiliate marketing, and the blogger has a contractual relationship with a company to market their products for a commission.  Basically, affiliate marketing is the process of connecting customers with products that they like and want and being paid for doing so.

If your blog is your online business, then you want so see the opposite happen to what usually happens.  You want to see your blog grow over time, not peter out.  Am I right here?

One of the first mistakes bloggers make is to write posts trying to convince their readers to buy the products they can get a commission on, instead of trying to help the reader.   Write relevant and useful content instead.  Writing quality content is your lifeblood.  Here’s a short video on the subject.

How To Create Quality Content

So, what’s quality content?

Quality content gives value to the reader.  It answers their question, the one they had when they clicked on your blog.  If they find the answer they were seeking, they have found value.


Give your readers value.  Don’t write your blog post with the goal in mind of selling the reader a product.  Write your blog to give the readers something of value or interest to them , to answer their questions, or help them solve their problems.   To do that, you need to take the time to consider what your readers are looking for.  Try to put yourself in the reader’s postiion, then try to answer with content that the reader values.  Do your research and don’t try to BS them.


Be conversational.  Don’t be dry.  Don’t be boring.  Write like you would talk, with your reader listening, face to face.  Most of us are pretty interesting when we’re talking, maybe not so much when we’re writing.


Focus.  Don’t write long wordy posts just to have long wordy posts.  You may have heard that search engines like long posts so you try to bulk out your posts with lots of words, but that could cost you your customer.  If you can give your reader the value he or she seeks with a short, direct post, then that’s all you need.  Write for the customer, not for the search engine.


Give your reader links to good related information.  That grows your credibility and also gives more options for your reader.  Search engines like it too.  Here’s a great link about writing relevant and useful content from someone who’s earning a living from his blog:  His post was inspiring to me and he had a lot of great information to help me focus on my business.


Don’t EVER give up.  Establishing a thriving business takes time and work.  Give yourself the time and put in the work, and you WILL reach your goals.

So, if you have a blog already, I hope the tips given here help.  If you want to sign up for some great training on starting an online business in affiliate marketing, I recommend wholeheartedly Wealthy Affiliate.  That’s where I got my start, and where I’m still at today.  You won’t find better training anywhere on the web.  Would you like to join me?

That’s about it for this post.  I hope it was useful for you.  Please leave me a comment below.  I’d appreciate it.

Thanks.  I”m Grant.






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