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What Motivates You to be Successful?

What is your motivation in life? As I look back over the years, and there are a lot of years to look back over, I think about what got me to the place I am at now.  My life is in the 4th quarter of the game.  I’m not down …

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The Cream Will Always Rise to the Top

The cream rises to the top is a quote about milk. When I was 9 years old my Dad took me to the barn and taught me how to milk the family cow.  Once I learned, it was my lot in life to milk that cow twice a day every …

What's Another Word For Persistence?
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What’s Another Word For Persistence?

I Was Reading Chapter 9 Of “Think And Grow Rich” The Other Day… I’ve been reading Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, published way back in the 1930s.  I was on chapter 9, which was about persistence.  It’s one of the twelve characteristics of wealth Mr. Hill included in …


Think And Grow Rich Review – Chapter 8

In his inspiring self-help work “Think and Grow Rich,” author Napoleon Hill lists 12 steps to wealth.  So far I have discussed the first six.  Chapter 1 is an introduction.  The steps begin with chapter 2.  Here are the links to the steps I have reviewed so far: Desire (6 …

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Do You Really Want to be Successful?

Have you heard the term “Super Affiliate” before?  A Super Affiliate is someone involved in affiliate marketing who is basically earning an extremely good passive income using the internet to promote products for companies and businesses.  They make enough from affiliate marketing that they don’t have to work a regular …

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What About the Importance of Knowledge?

What about the importance of specialized knowledge? This post will discuss the 4th principle of wealth mentioned in Napoleon Hill’s work “Think and Grow Rich,” the importance of specialized knowledge. There are 2 kinds of knowledge, general and specialized. Most of us get a general knowledge education by attending school, from 1st …

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What is FAITH and BELIEF?

This post is about Napoleon Hill’s second step toward riches as described in his book  Think and Grow Rich, the step of FAITH. If you missed my post about the first step, DESIRE, you can read about it HERE. Mr Hill describes FAITH, LOVE, and SEX as the three most powerful …