The Pintastic Profit Plan 2.0. Is It Legit?

The Pintastic Profit Plan 2.0

Pinterest Is What You Make Of It

I’m learning that as a social media platform, Pinterest has an awful lot of potential.  Are you aware, for example, that Pinterest is more than a social media site?  It’s also a search engine.

There are a lot of things you can do to optimize your presence on the platform, and there are strategies you can implement to attract followers.

So, how do you take advantage of what Pinterest has to offer?  Let me count the ways.

Well, actually I can’t because I’m new to the platform and there are lots of ways I don’t know about yet.  How do you learn the ways?  There are different ways to learn how to use Pinerest.  You can learn from reading the myriad of pins on how to use the platform.  Be sure to take notes because there is a lot of information to be gained.  Or, if you’re the type who likes more formal training, you can purchase a course that teaches you how to use Pinterest to gain the success you want.

One Of Those Courses Is The Pintastic Profit Plan 2.0.

This course is offered by an online entrepreneur named Summer Tannhauser.  Summer has been online since 2013 and created the course named above.  Her plan consists of 8 modules and contains 50+ video lessons.  Her Students belong to a community and can offer advice and support to each other, and are able to contact the course creator.

I found this course when I read one of Summer’s posts about using Pinterest.  At the end of the post she offered 5 free videos on how to use Pinterest, delivered by email at the rate of one per day for 5 days.  I was curious so I signed up.  I knew she was creating an email list, but I wanted to see what she offered.

The 5 videos were beneficial, or I should say that the first 3 were.  I didn’t realize that the videos were only open for viewing for 36 hours each, then they were closed.  She was up front about that in her emails, but I wasn’t diligent enough and skipped over it.  My fault.  I saw the first 3 but didn’t get to the last two before they were closed off.

Still, the information from the first three showed me some things I could do on Pinterest to improve my presence and followers on the platform.

When the videos closed down I got an ad to sign up for the Pintastic Profit Plan 2.0.

According to the sales page, the course consists of the following:

2 Tiers, 4 Modules Per Tier

Tier 1

Module 1a:  Pinterest Power Foundations – this first module gets you started.  It teaches the basics, such how to create or update your profile to improve your ability to attract followers.

Module 2a:  Pinning Plan For Profit – teaches how to plan and implement a pinning strategy designed to quickly build your following, and how to create a blueprint to automate your plan, investing less than an hour a week.

Module 3a:  Viral Image Creation – this module provides training on how to make powerful pins by creating powerful images.  Create pins that are “ready to go viral” with immense traffic.

Module 4a:  Selling on Pinterest – provides 2 key strategies for selling on Pinterest, and teaches how to create a Pinterest-powered sales funnel.

Tier 2

Module 1b:  Blogging For Pinterest – teaches techniques to optimize content and strategy to get subscribers and clients from every post you write.

Module 2b:  Building Your List With Pinterest – teaches strategies to create an email list building system, and how to create an opt-in freebie.

Module 3b:  Optimize Your Online Presence – covers site design tweaks that increase conversions and sales, and teaches how to optimize blog and social media profiles.

Module 4b:  Pinterest Powered Sales Funnels – shows the student how to create a sales funnel for his or her specific product or service.

Is The Pintastic Profit Plan 2.0 Legit?

If you want my opinion, and since you’re reading my post I’m assuming you do, I’d say YES!  I think it’s a good, legit course that will help you learn the techniques you need to market yourself or your business on Pinterest.  You can hit-and-miss your way to success, but if you want a focused, well-thought out plan from someone who knows what she is doing, take advantage of Summer’s course.

What Are Others Saying About The Course?

I’m going to include some of Summer’s testimonials here.  Just realize that they are from her sales page.  Judge for yourself if you think they are true or not.

How Much Does The Pintastic Profit Plan 2.0 Cost?

Summer lists her plan at $397 for lifetime access the entire course.  You also receive access to the course community.

Note:  I didn’t buy right away, so she sent me another email with a coupon for $100 off, making the total cost $297 for a limited time.

When you purchase the course, you also receive 3 bonuses:

  1. 2 Coaching Call videos
  2. 1 free month of Tailwind + 6 tech training videos
  3. A sales funnel template and 5 sample sales funnels.

Is it worth the cost?  If you are struggling with Pinterest and want to know how to make it work for you, I’d say yes, again.  You can focus on winning strategies and avoid what doesn’t work.  If you can’t or don’t want to pay that much, you can find other courses that are less expensive, or you can go it alone.  It will take longer, but if you stick with it you’ll learn the ropes.  Remember, You get what you pay for.

Where Can I Find The Course?

Since Pinterest is a search engine, you can either type Summer’s name or the name of the course in the search bar and you’ll find it.  There’s a lot to learn on Pinterest, but it’s a fun platform and starts to make sense after a while.

Do You Have An Online Business Yet?  Do You Want To Learn How To Start One?

It doesn’t do you much good to learn the best business strategies on Pinterest if you don’t have a business to promote.

Here’s My #1 Recommendation!

I’ve found the best online training platform for starting your own business.  It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.  One of the awesome things about it is that it’s FREE to join!  It’s worth your time to check it out.  Click on the banner below to be directed to the Wealthy Affiliate sign-up page.  By the way, the FTC requires the I notify you that if you end up making a purchase of a product you found by clicking on an affiliate link, I will be paid a commission.  If you become an affiliate marketer, you’ll be making money the same way.

Thanks for your time.  Leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.

I”m Grant




Thank you for this article.
I have my own website and I was looking for a way to make it more visible on the Internet. I heard about using Pinterest for that but I didn’t know how to use it efficiently.
Thank you for sharing this program, I will have a look at it and see how it works.


Grant, I read through your site and found it to be easily read. Your information was up to date and informative. I had no idea about that course with Pinterest. If I decide that I am going to buy the course I will search your site up and go through you. Overall, it was a good experience to check your post.

Hey there,
it seems like a really nice way to learn this one finally, it is a little expensive but worth it anyway but luckily you have shown me a way to get a really huge bonus, I will definitely do this one, and your business suggestion for an online business please elaborate, thank you

Hi, Dave. Thanks for your comment. I’ve learned that social media is more important to our businesses than I thought. Good luck with yours. Wealthy Affiliate is the training opportunity I mentioned. Sign up. It’s free. 

I couldn’t have come across this post at a better time. I am right now working on optimization on my social media. And I was just working on Pinterest before I visited your post. It sounds like the system you are talking about could be a great benefit to me. I will look into it. Thank you so much.


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