Think and Grow Rich Review – Chapter 6

Your imagination is the workshop of your mind.

Napoleon Hill Reveals 12 Steps to Riches in His Book.

Chapter 1 of his book is his introduction.

In an earlier post I discussed the first step, chapter 23 of the book, DESIRE.

I have also summarized his second step, found in chapter 3, FAITH.

Chapter 4 is titled AUTOSUGGESTION, and chapter 5 is called SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE.

I have posted about all the first 4 steps listed in Think and Grow Rich.  Let’s take a few minutes and look into the fifth step.

Chapter 6 reveals the fifth step, called IMAGINATION.

Your imagination is the workshop of your mind.

Your Imagination Is A Workshop

In your physical workshop, if you have one, you create projects and build things.  In the workshop of your imagination you creat your ideas and future plans.

Your imagination is the first step in the process of creation.  If you can imagine it, eventually you can create it.

That sounds crazy to some.  Of course there are limits.  Things just don’t jump out of your imagination.  You have to put together a plan, and focus and make your plan work.  Someone imagined being able to swim underwater like a fish.  That person didn’t grow gills, but instead invented a self-containee system where he could take his air supply with him and swim around under water for an extended period.

He called his system SCUBA (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus).  Scuba diving is common now.  Maybe someday someone will imagine a way to convert, or separate, the oxygen from the hydrogen efficiently and swim around underwater without an air tank.

Imagination Functions In Two Forms

Napoleon Hill wrote that there two forms of imagination.  The first form is called SYNTHETIC IMAGINATION.  With synthetic imagination, you are able to use your experiences, your old ideas, your education, and your observations to re-organize your thinking to improve on known concepts.

His second form of imagination he calls CREATIVE IMAGINATION.  This form of imagination, according to Hill, is directly connected to Infinite Intelligence.  New ideas, new concepts, hunches, and inspiration come from the creative imagination.

A strong desire to succeed stimulates the creative imagination because of the strong vibrations of thought coming from your conscious mind as you concentrate on obtaining the object of your desire, which stimulates your creative faculties.

Use It or Lose It

Your imagination, synthetic or creative, only becomes more receptive to thought input through USE.  Inaction weakens it.

You will need your imagination to develop a plan of action that will transform your DESIRE for wealth into actual wealth.

The Enchanted Kettle

Hill tells the story he calls The Enchanted Kettle.  It goes like this.

An old country doctor sells an old-fashioned kettle and a wooden stirring paddle to a young drug clerk for $500.  When the old doctor turned the kettle over to the clerk, he handed him a piece of paper that contained a secred formula.

The young clerk, who had staked his life savings on the kettle and the formula, had an IDEA on how to change the formula that the old doctor had given him.  The young man’s IDEA, which came from his IMAGINATION, ended up making him a wealthy man and the product he developed is world famous and found everywhere in the world today!

That young clerk was Asa Candler, and the product he developed is Coca-Cola.

If You Needed a Million Dollars, How Would You Get It?

What would you do to come up with a million dollars?  Hill tells the story of one man’s effort to come up with that amount which he needed in order to establish a college that taught students to “learn by doing.”

For 2 years this man, whose name was Dr. Frank W. Gunsaulus, tried to come up with the money needed, without success.  Finally, he decided to TAKE ACTION, andd set the goal to raise the million dollars within a week.

He says that “…the moment I reached a definite decision to get the money within a specified time, a strange feeling of assurance came over me, such as I had never before experienced.  Something inside me seemed to say, ‘Why didn’t you reach that decision a long time ago?  The money was waiting for you all the time!”

Long story short, he organized a presentation and invited several prominent people.  After that single presentation, where he outlined his ideas for his college, a man approached him and pledged the entire million dollars.

As the old saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

OK, I’ll fess up.  This is more of a summary than a review.  I think, though, that for a book published way back in the 1930s the concepts that Mr. Hill presents can lead to success, and help you reach your dreams.  His ideas come from his study of over 500 successful and wealthy people of his day.  If you follow them, you can become wealthy too.

Feel free to leave a comment on this post.  I’ll answer, or try to answer, any questions you may have.



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