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In his inspiring self-help work “Think and Grow Rich,” author Napoleon Hill lists 12 steps to wealth.  So far I have discussed the first six.  Chapter 1 is an introduction.  The steps begin with chapter 2.  Here are the links to the steps I have reviewed so far:

  1. Desire (6 Key Steps to Reach Your Dreams)
  2. Faith (What is Faith and Belief?)
  3. Specialized knowledge
  4. Imagination
  5. Organized planning & leadership

Chapter 8 of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hil, and the 7th of the 12 steps,l is titled “DECISION.”

Just Make UP Your Mind!

Mr. Hill analyzed over 25,000 people who had failed at some time or other in their lives, and learned that among the 30 major causes for failure that he found, LACK OF DECISION was near the top of the list.

That makes sense to me.  If you can’t decide what to do, you usually don’t do anything.  Don’t you agree?  Just MAKE UP YOUR MIND!  

You’ve heard of paralysis by analysis, haven’t you?  It’s where you keep going over and over your information without being able to make your choice.

Let’s analyze this a little.

Why do we have a hard time making a decision, especially career or financial decisions?  I think we worry that we won’t make the best choice possible.  We are afraid that if we decide to go in one direction, then soon after something better will come along and we’ll already be committed and will miss out on the new opportunity.

We also worry that our decision will turn out wrong and will cause us some kind of harm.

So, when we need to make a decision, we turn to people we know and trust for their opinion.  If we get opinions that run contrary to what we want to do, then what?  We either hold off or we drop the decision completely.  Or, we are swayed by others and end up going in a direction that we’re not comfortable with.

Or, if we are confident and decisive, we consider the opinions we have received, then make our own choice.

If you are easily influenced by the opinions of others and are swayed by what they say, then you really don’t have any opinions of your own and you will not be able to make the decisions necessary for your success.  Most people have lots of opinions, and few of them are worth much.

it is the opinions of your “master mind” team that you should listen to, and none others. If you remember, your master mind group, or team, is the group of like-minded professionals whose experience and thoughts you value and who are there to help you reach your financial goals.  This group is essential to your success.

While analyzing several hundred millionaires to determine the reasons for their great success, Hill found that the habit of REACHING DECISIONS PROMPTLY and changing decisions SLOWLY was key among them all.

What kind of a person makes prompt decisions?  Well, decisive people do.  Decisive people usually have a lot of self confidence and are comfortable with themselves.  Are you?

Why are confident, decisive people able to make prompt decisions?  It’s because they have done their homework.  They are trained to study their options and choose the best one. And, they believe in themselves.

People who fail to accumulate money, without exception, have the habit of reaching decisions very slowly, and of changing them quickly and often.

It’s the sign of a wishy-washy person who can’t make up his mind and stick with it. It’s the sign of a person that lacks self-confidence and worries about what others think of him.  Or of her.

It’s a trap that society sets for us all.  We are taught by media that it’s important what others think of us.  It’s our duty, almost, to do what it takes to be liked and respected by others.  I agree that respect is a good thing, but I also believe that what we think of ourselves is more important than what others think of us.

If we believe in ourselves, then we can make good decisions.

To be successful, you must lear to conquer DECISION’S opposite, PROCRASTINATION.

Ok, I have to plead guilty here.  I’ve done my share of procrastinating.  Probably most of us have.  The key is to learn to overcome the tendency.

Tom Hopkins, who became a millionaire by the age of 27, and who was the top real estate salesman in the country (U.S.) when he was at his peak, taught this philosophy:

Always do what is most effective at the time.

If you think about that statement for a little bit, you will realize that if you follow it, you won’t be able to procrastinate, because procrastination is never effective use of time.

That’s not saying that you always have to be working.  Sometimes it’s more effective to rest and recharge than to work. Resting is not procrastinating.

In my case, I’m applying the steps in Think And Grow Rich to my affiliate marketing business.  I’ve formed my “master mind” group by joining Wealthy Affiliate, probably the best training platform on the internet for affiliate marketing.  I’ve enlisted the help of thousands of like-minded people who have the same goal – success in online marketing.

With Wealthy Affiliate, decisions come easy because the training is there for success, and thousands of people are making good money with affiliate marketing online.  I’m working to become one of them.

If you want to, you can become one of them too.  If affiliate marketing, a business model where you market products from other companies for a commission, is something you are interested in, you should make a decision and check out Wealthy Affiliate today.

YOU CAN START FOR FREE.  Then move up if you like it.

Don’t fall for get rich quick schemes.  They never work.  It takes effort and knowledge to succeed in business, online or not.  Wealthy Affiliate shows the way to success, but it takes time and work.  If you follow the training and stick with it, though, you WILL SUCCEED!

Thanks for reading.  Comment if you like.





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