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This post will give you a complete review of Salehoo, an online directory of wholesalers, dropshippers, direct-manufacturers, and product liquidators that has been around since 2005.  Salehoo was developed and founded by business entrepreneurs Simon Slade and Mark Ling.

Salehoo currently has over 137,000 paying members worldwide.  The cost to sign up is $67 USD per year.  (That’s only $5.50 per month, although I didn’t see any option to pay monthly).  The monthly breakdown just shows how inexpensive Salehoo is.

When Simon Slade and Mark Ling developed Salehoo, their goal was to develop and compile a list of vetted, legitimate dropshippers for people trying to establish a business selling on eBay or on an ecommerce store.  Finding products to sell is one of the main concerns of online business owners.  Salehoo solves that problem.

Consider This…

If you’ve thought about getting serious selling on eBay, after you’re done selling your excess stuff and whatever you can find in your garage, then what?  There are ways to find products, such as garage sales and estate sales, and I’ve written about it here.

If you’re just starting out with online selling, such as eBay, you should start by selling your own second-hand items or items they you find at garage sales and such, to build a presence on the site.  As you sell more and more, you will build trust from eBay visitors.  Once you have built a positive reputation you can advance to selling professionally.

The problem with selling your second-hand items is that you don’t have multiple copies of the same product available for multiple orders from the same sale and you have to start a new sale for each item.  This can be time consuming for small compensation if the items are small or of not much value.

Another problem is that you’re pretty much doomed to a low to average yearly income unless you are lucky enough to find something that’s rare or in great demand.  Once you have grown enough to begin selling professionally, Salehoo can solve those problems for your eBay business, or if you want to start an ecommerce website like a Shopify store,

But maybe you don’t know quite how to go about taking that next step with your eBay business or online store, and don’t know where to look to find out how to:

  • Find dropshippers with good wholesale prices that will allow you to sell for a profit
  • Find suppliers willing to work with a new business
  • Find dropshippers who are willing to work with small orders
  • Determine if a dropshipper is reliable and legitimate

Then you might want to gake a look at Salehoo.

Here’s a short video about how to use the Salehoo directory.

What Is ?

It’s basically a listing service.  Salehoo has researched and compiled a list of over 8,000 legitimate, low cost suppliers that are available to Salehoo members.  The business guarantees their suppliers with a 60-day money back guarantee.  Salehoo is listed with Clickbank.

Here are the Pros

1.  Members have access to a huge list of wholesalers, dropshippers, direct manufacturers, and liquidators where you can find products to sell. 8,000 suppliers, in fact.

2.  Worried about support?  You get excellent support from Salehoo.  Support is provided via email for your questions or help needs.  For example, you can ask for a list of dropshippers for a specific product, and usually receive your reply within 24 hours, a unique resource that is only available at Salehoo.

3.  You have access to an active forum where you can interact with other buyers and sellers to get fast, friendly information.

4.  Salehoo hs an innovative research lab.  The lab tracks how items are selling on eBay and repotts that information to you.  This allows you to choose products that are selling well.  The lab also provides great information on the best times to start and finish auctions.  It’s designed to help you choose winning products to sell. This short video will explain the research lab and how it works.

And The Cons

1.  While Salehoo provides quality information and vetted suppliers for you to gey products from that are dropshipped to your customers, they don’t teach the methods of selling on eBay and Shopify.

2.  Salehoo doesn’t teach you how to write good sales copy or how to close the sale.

What Training IS Available?

Salehoo provides training modules on

  • Getting Started
  • Business setup
  • What should you sell?
  • Selling on eBay and Amazon
  • Starting an online store
  • Finding a product supplier
  • Importing and shipping
  • Product sourcing
  • Scam prevention

It’s apparant from the training provided that Salehoo is invested in the success of its members and is willing to aid their progress.

 Has An Affiliate Program

Salehoo’s affiliate program is free and easy to sign up with.  I’ve signed up myself.  Commissions are basically 50% of the sign-up price of a new member, less Clickbank fees.  If a new member signs up for Salehoo through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission of $30.44.  That’s a pretty great commission.

What’s My Final Opinion?

I give Salehoo a thumbs up!  

Salehoo is a legitimate provider of available wholesalers, dropshippers, and more with over 8,000 suppliers for you to choose from.  Their support staff is the best in the industry at what they do.  If you’re looking for products to sell and suppliers of those products who are willing and able to drop ship your sold products to your customers, you should take advantage of Salehoo.

Here’s what some of Salehoo’s members have to say about it:

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Thanks for reading my post.  Please leave me a comment below if you’d like.  I’ll be sure to respond.

I’m Grant.


Hi Grant

Thanks for the review. I started to get involved in drop shipping last year but did not get very far. I kind of lost interest in it all but can totally see that with persistence how it can produce a good income without having to carry stock and there are a lot of people out there making good money.

Shopify is a great foundation to get started but I had never heard of Salehoo. I will check it out.

Are you personally involved in drop shipping? If so, have you had much success with sales?

I was briefly involved in drop shipping a few years back. I didn’t know about Salehoo back then and my efforts didn’t last long.   I think with Salehoo I would have done better.  Thanks for your comment.

Hi Grant:

I didn’t know about Salehoo.

Is a dropshipper where you get the items to sell? Then they take care of the delivery details – is that correct?

It sounds very similar to an affiliate program.

This sounds like a neat kind of thing if I am understanding it correctly. So, you buy merchandise from a wholeseller and then you can turn around and sell at a retail price. Is this it in a nutshell?

Thank you for the review and making us aware of this opportunity!

Hi, Christopher.  Thanks for commenting on my post.  Drop shippers do provide products for you to sell, but you don’t have to buy them in advance.  You can sell them on your site, and when a purchase is made, then pay the drop shipper his price and he will send the product to the customer.  The difference between what the drop shipper charges you and what you charge the customer is your profit.  

Hi Grant

Thank you so much for this information about Salehoo.

I must admit that I have never heard of it, but it does sound like a great tool to find products that will sell

Your videos are very helpful, and I really like how Shophoo makes the whole process so easy. It does sound like the perfect choice for anyone who is searching for products to sell.

I am in the UK – would Shophoo work for me too, or are all the suppliers based in the US?

Very many thanks again for all the helpful information.

Chrissie 🙂

Hi, Chrissie. You started calling it Shophoo about halfway through your comment. It’s Salehoo. I’m in the U. S,  too, and to tell you the truth, I believe that the suppliers are from all over the world.   Thanks for your comment.

It looks like something which can be great for my site and I really think of joining this program.maybe even promote on my other site.

I know that it has a training about what I should sell but how can I determine the potential of it? Does the training include this?

Hi, Furkan. To answer your question, Salehoo does have training modules along with the stats from the laboratory function.  I’m planning on using Salehoo with eBay next month. I want to earn some income there while I’m waiting for my affiliate marketing site to take off. 

This looks really promising! I’ve got a couple of website that generate a lot of traffic, and the occasional sale through Amazon Associates program.

I would prefer to create my own catalog of products to promote through my site and then sell them either directly through my site (with a shopping cart) or through eBay or Amazon store.

It looks like you get a yer for less than $70, with a money back guarantee. That is a hard deal to pass up…especially if you already have some idea of what you want to sell, and an audience to sell to.

Thanks for the review!

I’d never heard of Salehoo before. Sounds like an interesting route to go if you want to try making extra money online. I haven’t researched much about dropshipping and probably won’t go that path but the affiliate program could be promising. I will keep it in mind for the future. 

Hi, Anna. Salehoo is the way to go if you want to get serious about drop shipping. You can build a nice income with it.

I’ve tried selling on eBay and I have family members who’ve also tried their hand selling on eBay.

Your post pointed out a number of drawbacks when you’re trying to sell personal items on eBay: you don’t have multiple copies of the same product available and having to start a new sale for each item. I can’t begin to tell you how time consuming this is and the money you make in return doesn’t compensate for your efforts.

I’m not familiar with Salehoo – actually this is the first time I’ve heard of it. This is a great post for someone like me who would like to know what Salehoo is.

Great Post.


Thanks for your comment, Howard. My experience with eBay was pretty much the same as yours. Individual sales, not much income. Salehoo allows you to expand beyond that. Good luck to you.

I thought of selling on eBay before but hadn’t thought of how I was going to get the products to my customers. Sold a few things of my personal stuff but never took off with a store. With Salehoo’s business of dropshipping to my customers, It could fix all the hassle of selling product through an eBay store.

I notice that your membership fees are a yearly rate.

I’m curious why Salehoo doesn’t offer a monthly rate or is this something that might change in the near future?

I do see that the pros in your article show a lot of training offered with it is this something that is done by video or one on one training?

I’m pretty sure that the membership fee is yearly. I didn’t find anything about monthly payments. All the training is self-paces on your computer. The training comes in modules that you open up and then read the training. thanks for the comment, Fred.

I have never heard about Salehoo before. It looks as a great place, I would like to know if… is it free? Your videos are helpful to understand how Salehoo works. You give thumbs up, but you are there in the affiliate program? I will consider to go there, and see what is it about, maybe get in the affiliate program, I am not sure. Thank you for sharing this review.

hi, Maria. No, Salehoo isn’t free, but it’s only about $38 per year. They do have an affiliate program and it’s free to sign up for. There is some training on how to market Salehoo too. Good luck. 


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