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What is your motivation in life?

As I look back over the years, and there are a lot of years to look back over, I think about what got me to the place I am at now.  My life is in the 4th quarter of the game.  I’m not down to the 2-minute warning yet, but I definitely think that the last quarter has begun.

Where are you at on your life journey?  Are you just starting out, or have a lot of years passed you by?

All the past years of our lives are like water under the bridge.  We can’t get them back or do them over.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could?  Think of how wonderful our lives would be if we could go back and fix our mistakes.  If the Supreme Being gave us a “do-over,” and let us pick where we wanted to go back to and live over again, remembering all the mistakes we made so we could change and not make them, how awesome would that be!

Well, forget about it.  We can’t do that.  We are stuck with the past that we have.

So how DID you get to where you are now?  How did we all get to where we are?  What motivates us to act?

I’m going to share here something that I think is true for everyone, no matter who you are, how old you are, where you are, what you have, or what your abilities are.  


It’s common to say, for example, that someone offends us.  The real truth is, though, that no one can offend you, rather, you choose to be offended.  No one makes us do anything, we chose what we do.

For good or bad, we are the sum total of the choices we have made throughout our lives.

Others can impose quite a bit of pressure, to be sure, and can impose their wills over us by intimidation or force, but it’s our decision to allow it.  The survival instinct is strong in all of us and we make decisions on what we think is best for us.

Well, that was kind of a rant, wasn’t it.

Anyway, since we can’t change the past, what are we going to do about the future?

Are you a self-starter, or do you rely on others to get you going?

Self-starters are the successful people.  They are the business owners, the managers, the people who are usually running the show.  The rest of us get to be the employees.  Which one are you?

Which one would you rather be?

Don’t you agree that the main difference between a self-starter and a person that needs to be motivated is that the self-starter enjoys his or her work and the unmotivated person does not?

I think that those of us who need outside motivation to succeed are probably not in a job that we love, or even like very much.  Don’t you think so too?

If you hate to go to work, you obviously don’t love your job.

Some of us know what we want to do, so then we go to school or get trained to do it, then go out and find something in our chosen field.  That’s some of us.

When you were in high school did you find yourself thinking, “I’m sure glad I’m here, learning what I need to learn so I can go out and become one of life’s great successes!”

Probably not.

If you were like me, you were probably thinking, “Geez, another Spanish test.  I can’t wait to get out of school!”

Be honest.

If you went to college, you had to pick a major.  Did you pick one because it was hard, but would position you for success in the industry of your choice?  Or did you chose a major because it was easier to get a degree, and where’s the next party?

Maybe a little of both?

I believe that most of us sort of fall into our jobs.  We end up getting a  job because we need work and are willing to take what we can find, and if it’s a decent job providing a good living then suddenly ten years have  passed and we are still there.

That’s especially true if our job requires specialized training that we are given, making us experts in our fields.  Once we have learned to do something well, earned a little seniority, gotten a couple of pay raises, don’t we hesitate to try something else?

Nobody wants to start over.  Don’t you think that’s true?

So you’re an accountant with an inner musician longing to get out.  Or, you’re a musician longing to be an accountant.  What do you do about it?

There are some basic things thay you need to think about if you want to pursue your dream.

1.  You need to eat.  Your family needs to eat.  You all need a place to live, clothes on your back.  I’m talking about the basics of life.

2.  Is there a market for your dream job?  Will you be able to make money so you can accomplish #1 above?

3.  What about education and training for your new and happier life?  Suppose you want to be a chef.  Can you just go be a chef?  Nope.  You will need training.  Culinary school, stuff like that.  

If you really want to pursue your dream, usually the schools are there for you, and you can get the training and education that you need.

Your dream job should give you the freedom to do other things.

You’ve seen them on TV.  The people who drive the nice cars, live in the big houses, take the dream vacations.  I’d like to live that lifestyle.  Wouldn’t you?  There is a life beyond making a living.

Problem is, we are too busy making a living to have much of a life.  Isn’t that backwards?  I think it is.

If you want greater happiness in your life, decide what you want and what you can do to get it.  Do you want a job or a career?  Even better, do you want your own business, one that will make money for you without you being there?  You would be your own boss.  Look into that too.  There are lots of opportunities out there.

For me, an online business makes a lot of sense.  If you could choose to have the people in your town as your customers, or the people in the whole country, or even the whole world as your customers, which would give you the greater opportunity for wealth?

An online business, properly constructed and maintained, can provide ongoing wealth for anyone willing to put in the work.  Are you that person?

If you are, there is a business community ready and willing to give you the training and help that you need, and you can start for free.  The name of this community is Wealthy Affiliate.

Disclosure:  The FTC requires bloggers to notify readers that by clicking on an affiliate link and purchasing a product, the blogger will earn a commission.  

Wealthy Affiliate is a group of over 800,000 people from around the world, all with the goal of online financial success.  These people are willing to help each other succeed.  There is a formal training program tailored to lead you to success with your own website, or websites.

Most online businesses fail because the business owners think that if they build a great website the traffic will come.  That’s not enough.  Wealthy Affiliate leads you through the steps needed to attract visitors (customers) to your website, and teaches you how to get them to buy your product.

Check it out.  As I said, you can start for free.  If you decide that the training and benefits are worth the cost, you can upgrade to the paid version.  There is no pressure.  You can stay with the free program as long as you like.  If you are interested, just click on the link below.  No credit card required.

Feel welcome to add a comment at the bottom of this post.  I’d appreciate it.  And thanks for reading.

I’m Grant.


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