What’s The #1 Cause of Failure?

What Is The #1 Cause Of Failure?
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What’s the #1 cause of failure, in just about anything that is tried in life?

One guy may say, “I think it’s lack of knowledge and training.”

Another may say, “I think it’s not having a good plan.”

Still another may say, “Circumstances are stacked against me.”

The list goes on and on.  We’re pretty good at failing.  Some are better than others.

They can’t all be the #1 cause of failure, can they?

Let’s look at some of these excuses in more detail.

I said “excuses” on purpose.  Maybe you can call them “reasons,” or “factors.”  I like calling them excuses.

Ok.  Suppose you have a lack of knowledge or training for what you are trying to do.  You probably will not succeed.  Not succeeding is the same as failing.  So, if you don’t have adequate training or education about what you’re trying to accomplish, you will fail.

But do you HAVE to fail?  What can you do to turn failure to success?

The simple answer is to GET the knowledge and/or training you need.  If your goals are important to you, then go out and learn what you need to know to succeed, then SUCCEED!  You won’t lack the knowledge or the training you need.

Do you need a good plan to lead you to success?  Can you succeed without a plan at all?

Of course you need a plan, a blueprint for success, so that by following it you will succeed and reach your goal.  Your plan should be organized with the help of your Master Mind group.  The expertise of this group will help guide your direction.  Your Master Mind group should be as big or as small as you need, but everyone should be focused on the same goals.  Meet with them at least twice a week or as often as necessary until you have perfected your plan of action.  Maintain PERFECT HARMONY within your Master Mind group.  Discord will bring failure.

If your plan isn’t working, you will fail.  But you can CHANGE your plan.  You can, and should, change your plan as often as is required until it leads you to the success you seek.  If you do that, you WILL eventually succeed.  History is full of people who initially failed, but changed what they were doing, changed their success plans, until they ultimately succeeded.  History is also littered with people who failed, and then did nothing to change.  They remained failures.

Now, what if your circumstances are unfavorable.  That can lead to failure, no doubt about it.  Can you change your circumstances?

Of course you can, to one degree or another.  I guess if you are in prison for committing a crime you may not be able to change your circumstances very much, but a person can always improve himself or herself even then.  You might have to revise what you call success if your freedom is limited.

For most of us, though, there should be things we can do to change our circumstances.  It may be  hard, and it may take a long time, but improvements can be made.

Most of the problems we face can be overcome.

I really believe that is true.  Our problems challenge us, for sure, but when we overcome them we become stronger, more seasoned, better able to cope.

Overcoming obstacles in life requires effort, and sometimes hard work.  Our natures tell us to take the easy way, but the easy way isn’t the best way.  If we take the easy way, we will, at some point, come to a halt in our progress.  It’s inevitable.

Here’s the #1 cause of failure, and what you can do about it.

The #1 cause of failure is to QUIT.

As long as you are still trying, you can still hope to succeed, and if you do keep trying, and keep revising your efforts and plans, then you WILL succeed.  You WILL reach your goals.  The only thing that can stop you is if you quit.

Everybody fails.  It’s part of life.  Thomas Edison failed somewhere around 10 million times while trying to invent a light bulb that worked (Ok, I exaggerated, it wasn’t 10 million failures).  But he never quit, and each failure brought him closer to success, until he found the right method and SUCCEEDED!

YOU CAN TOO!  Anyone can, if they don’t quit!  The #1 Cause of Failure is to Quit!

Thanks for reading my post.  Please leave a comment below if you’d like.


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