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Are you a college student looking to earn extra money?

College is expensive.  Even if you’re on scholarship, wouldn’t you like to have more spending money while you’re in school?

Wouldn’t you?

If you are fortunate enough to be on scholarship, then good for you, but are you able to afford to do the stuff you want to outside the college or university environment?

Like Spring Break?

Or weekends?

Have you thought about a part-time job to give you extra money to spend?  For some students it might be a good idea, but usually, though, don’t classes and study take up most of your time every day, leaving little time for a part-time job?  Class, study, work, sleep. What kind of college life is that?

Usually something has to give.

Or, are you one of those students that has to work his or her way through college? There’s a lot of you out there.

I was one of those back in the day.  Some colleges provide work-study opportunities, does yours?  If it does, are you able to take advantage of it?

Student loans and grants may cover tuition, fees, and books, but do your student loans and grants provide enough money for living expenses?  Do you need additional income?

Are you a single parent trying to get an education?  Are you married with a family and trying to get that degree?  Sometimes choices are hard when you try to balance life and school.

Student loans put you in a debt hole!

I’m finally finished paying off my student loans in 2018 that I incurred when I went to school, and I graduated in 2003.  And to do it, I had to use things like income tax refunds that could have been used for other things.

Don’t we look at student debt as a necessary evil, or as a tool to help us get an education that we won’t have to worry about until later?  Trouble is, later comes sooner than we think.  

Here are the statistics on student debt, 2017 edition:

  • Americans owe over $1.44 trillion in student loan debt, with about 44.2 million borrowers
  • That’s $620 billion more than the total U.S. credit card debt
  • The average 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt
  • The student loan delinquency rate is 11.2% (over 90 days in default)
  • The average student loan payment is $351/month

And there’s more:

  • In 2012, 71% of students graduating from 4-year colleges had student loan debt
  • 66% of students graduating from public colleges had debt (average $25,550)
  • 75% of students graduating from private non-profit colleges had debt (average $32.300)
  • 88% of graduates from for-profit colleges had debt (average $39,950)

And the graduate students:

  • MBA – $42,000 in debt
  • Masters of Education – $50,879
  • Master of Science – $50,400
  • Master of Arts – $59,539
  • Law – $140,616
  • Medicine and health sciences – $161,772

All that is kind of depressing, isn’t it?  But I’m not trying to talk yoiu out of student loans.  Sometimes that’s your best chance for an education.  You will have to pay them back sometime, unless you can get them forgiven (It’s possible for some loans) and some politicians are advocating a blanket forgiveness for past loans and free college for everyone.  I don’ think that will happen, but I’ve been wrong before.

What can you do now to help yourself later?

Better said, what can you do now to help yourself now, and also help yourself later?

Are there any fun jobs for college students?

Sure!  McDonalds is fun, isn’t it?  Or a convenience store?  Just kidding.  There’s something way better!

What I am going to suggest will take a little time, it will take some work, but in the end it will give you your own successful online business that willl make good passive money for you for years to come.

What’s passive money?  It’s like the residuals you get from that platinum album you made, where you keep getting paid long after you made it from sales that continue on.  Anyway, if you’ve made that platinum album, what are you reading this post for?

What I’m going to tell you about is fun, and it’s online learning so you can do it anywhere at your own pace.  You’re a student.  This is right up your alley.

Owning your own online business is a fun job for a college student!

No, you don’t have to be a business major to start an online business.  You just have to know how to do it the right way.

Your own business will give  you a solid leg up in life as you continue in school, and when you graduate from school, it will give you a steady income that you can rely on while you search for that first job after college. Heck, you may not even have to get a job after college if you apply yourself to your online business now.

If you give it a steady, honest chance for the length of a semester, two at the most, you will see your online business start to bring you real money.

Ok, here’s what I want you to look at.

Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a free-to-start online business training center that will give you the tools you need to start and run your own business online.  Started in 2005, it’s like an online business success university, with several levels of training certifications and where the more advanced students help the newer students succeed.

If you want to become part of the online business world, you owe it to yourself to take a look.  All you need to get started is an email address and access to the internet with a computer or mobile device.  I recommend a computer though, it’s way easier than your smart phone, just because of the keyboard and screen size.

You have a computer, right?  If you’re in college you must have a computer.

You choose the direction you want your online business to go.  You choose the products you want to market.  If you don’t have any ideas the training will show you how to get some.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with 2 free websites to start, and up to 25 websites if you decide to upgrade to the paid courses.  Level 1 certification training is FREE.  Level 1 Affiliate Bootcamp training is FREE  The higher level, called Premium, costs $49 per month, or $29 per month if you pay for a year.  I know, that cuts into your beer money, right?

I started at the free level, and in less than a week signed up for the Premium level monthly, and in another week upgraded to yearly.  The training is that good.  But I don’t have to tell you that.  You can see for yourself.

What’s cool is that for the first week at the free level, you get Premium level access, so you can see if it’s worth upgrading or not.

So, do you want to work at McDonalds while you are in school, or would you rather spend that 2-4 hours three or 4 times a week working on your own online business?  Maybe you can do both, because online success isn’t instantaneous.

It will take you 6 months to a year to make real money online, but if you follow the training, you WILL make real money.  While you’re building your websites and going through the training you can flip burgers for some extra cash.  In the end, you will own your own business, and won’t have to work for a boss other than yourself.

How great is that?

I did a review of Wealthy Affiliate, and because of my research I signed up.  You can read my review HERE.  GET STARTED NOW and sign yourself up, by clicking on the following banner.

I’d appreciate any comments you may have on this post.  You can leave your comments below.  Thanks.

I’m Grant.

Thank you for this great opportunity! I actually graduated college in 2011 and was able to pay off my college loans this year, but I know of a lot of college students who could use this information and opportunity.

It’s crazy how much college costs. And, like you said, it’s even crazier how fast college goes by and leaves you with tons of debt. I remember having to make my first payment on my loans. It wasn’t a great feeling.

I’ll let my friends and family know about Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for the information!


Thanks for the comment, Weston.  Awesome that you have paid your loans already.  Most of us can’t say that.

Hello Grant,
I am not studying the now but very interesting post. You’ve explained the student’s situation very well.
All the best.

You have a great site here, well laid out and easy to follow.
I also believe you have chosen a great niche; students certainly need the sort of guidance you can offer,
so I look forward to seeing your business go from strength to strength.

What an interesting way to introduce wa. I myself actually started a part time job just after some college work and joined wa. Its a great way to start earning while you learn. I have had student loans and had to find some other means of income. So a part time job has helped me not to rely of family so much and gain independence in the process.

Congratulations! What a fantastic website and topic! College tuition is a big expenditure not for the student but also the parents as well. You have lots of statistics as content to get a great traffic. You might wanna change the color of the menu bar and add reference to your data.

Thanks and good luck!

I am a good example of someone who graduated from college with a huge student loan debt and ended up working 9 to 5 for the past 8 years, building other people’s dream – not mine.

If I can turn back time, I would start experimenting with the online business world even while studying. The time that you have as a student is invaluable. There’s minimal financial commitment and you can research about various niches to get involve.

By the time you graduate, you would already have a set of skills that’s crucial to every industry out there that uses the internet. And if you’ve done your homework, you would already started an online business in the garage with those skills.


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